10 best running apps on Android 2022

Running is one of the easiest exercises. It requires few materials, and there are sidewalks everywhere. People are running to lose weight, stay in shape, and hopefully live a little longer and happier life. Your mobile device is great for tracking your run, distance, rate, and in some cases, even your heart rate. Here is our selection of the best running apps for going for a run.


Endomondo is one of the most popular apps among runners and sports enthusiasts. This one has a metric ton of features. Some of them include fitness tracking, analytics, support for various wearables, challenges, and social features. This one also tracks exercises other than running. This makes it ideal for those who exercise in multiple ways. It also supports MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, Android Wear, and Samsung Gear.

Google fit

Google Fit is one of the best free mobile running apps. It records various activities including exercise, calories burned, etc. It also supports most wearable exercise trackers. Some of the big names are Android Wear, Nike+, Runkeeper, Strava, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum and even Sleep As Android for sleep tracking. He has his flaws. However, the application is completely free. It's kind of hard to over-criticize. It's really good for beginners too.

Courses with Map My Run

Map My Run is easily among the most popular running apps and for good reason. It is home to a community of 40 million people. This helps map running routes, tracking stats, goals, and more. The pro version adds better analytics, heart rate support, live tracking and other tools. Luckily, the free version is great for beginners and intermediate runners. The app also includes tracking for over 600 other activities. Like Endomondo, it's great for general exercise.


Runkeeper is easily among the most popular running apps and for good reason. It works really well. The app offers a variety of training regimens, trackers, goals, progress reports, and more. This includes support for wearable devices such as Wear OS, Garmin watches, and some other Bluetooth devices. The free version lets you track and log in, along with basic stats. The pro version has all the fun stuff. The monthly subscription is absurdly expensive and we don't recommend it. Those going professional would probably have to pay annually. It's much cheaper that way. Strava is another good app that does a lot of things similar to Runkeeper.


Runtastic is one of the most feature-rich running apps. It can do almost anything you need. This includes fitness tracking, live tracking, voice coaches, goals, support for various wearables, support for other apps, and much more. The premium version is a bit weird. However, everything else seems to be exactly where it should be. The only downside to this app is how they handle the pro version. Some features end up behind the paywall and others appear consistently. It's really annoying, but it happens.

Runmore 5K Trainer

Runmore 5K Trainer is a simple and user-friendly app with native Wear OS support. It works like other running apps in this space. You start easily with things like 60 seconds of running followed by 90 seconds of walking and work your way up to the 5k run. The user interface is super simple and there aren't a ton of extras. The premium version adds Google Fit support and a dark theme, as well as ad-free use. This is a great option for those who like to keep it simple. We also really appreciate the option of a subscription or a one-time payment model.


Strava is an app for cyclists. Basically, any activity involving long distances is covered by it. The app includes the basics like fitness tracking, support for many wearable devices, support for other apps, and personal challenges. It also allows runners and cyclists to plan their routes, track their previous workouts and more.

Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club is another decent free running app. It covers the basics pretty well. Features include run tracking for time and distance. Plus, you meet weekly and monthly challenges to stay motivated, with achievements, leaderboards, and other fun activities. You can easily track things like distance, pace, duration, and estimated calories burned. It even includes support for Wear OS. The app receives frequent updates. However, these updates can sometimes break elements of the application. It takes a bit of patience, but free is free.

zombie run

Zombies, Run! is one of the most unique running apps. It motivates you by telling you a story. The more you advance, the more you unlock a story. The free version comes with a few basics. However, you need the pro version to get all the stories with some extra features. This includes over 200 story missions. Zombie Chases is a fun game mode. Basically, you speed up when you hear zombies behind you or drop supplies to distract them. It is difficult to put the experience into words. There is a free version to try, though!

Couch to 5K by RunDouble C25K

Couch to 5K (abbreviated as C5K) is one of the best apps for beginners. It tracks your run, sets your pace, and more. The idea is to allow you to never run 5K in nine weeks. Other programs include Couch training at 10k, 5k at 10k, half marathon and even a fun running section. Some other features include time and distance tracking, music integration, and heart rate monitor support. This one is also particularly interesting for its price. It has no subscription, only a pro version for a very reasonable price.


These are the 10 best running apps for Android in 2022. Most of these apps are free, but if you want the advanced features, you can opt for premium apps. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section below. You can also check out the best pedometer apps for Android on our website.

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