10 reasons why Windows is (still) better than Linux

10 reasons why Windows is (still) better than Linux

More than once you have heard of Linux and all its distros. In fact, you are almost convinced that you are installing the operating system known for its security and its multiple uses. However, as in many areas of technology, there are opinions conflicting, which can influence the choice of users.

Maybe you are curious to try another operating system and its features, perhaps because someone recommended it to you, as it is "better" than Windows.

At ChimeraRevo we want to do clarity on the subject, and that is why in the next few lines you will find all the reasons why we do not recommend using Linux as the main operating system.

Preliminary information

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For the "experts" in this field this might seem a far from valid reason. However, for an average PC user, theinstallation Linux isn't as obvious as it seems, as there are a number of unintuitive steps to follow.

There is also the speech, then, of dual-boot (which allows, when starting the PC, to choose which operating system to start, if there are several installed): setting it is not at all simple, as it may not work or, in the most serious cases, corrupt the systems on the disk.


Linux is simple to use? The answer is: it depends. Referring to the basic desktop configuration and general settings operations, there should be no particular problems. However, in day-to-day operations there are quite a few problems that could compromise the proper functioning of the operating system.

Linux errors, then, are complex and not easy to solve: they require time and patience, as well as a good basic knowledge of the computer.

Our advice: do not install Linux if your intention is to use it for daily operations and you do not have the time / desire to correct any errors in the operating system. However, if you have a second machine or other disk to install it on and want to learn more about Linux, you can experiment and better understand how it works.

The problem of appraisals

Do you work on the Internet or do you often connect new peripherals to your computer? In this case, I have bad news for you. Linux often creates problems with peripherals, whether they are network cards or monitors. This type of problem takes a long time to solve, as some procedures (not simple and immediate) must be followed. In addition, the peripheral problem, in some cases, is also unlikely to be solved. You understand, therefore, that installing Linux on a main PC, which you may use to work / study, is not a very wise choice.


I driver for Linux they are open source and developed by the community. This means that, unlike Windows, they are not supported by houses and therefore could be malfunctioning or incomplete. For average PC users, this turns out to be a major problem.


If you have a PC to use specific software (such as Adobe or Office suite) then continue to use Windows. Linux, in fact, it's not compatible with many known software and this is a problem for those who use them on a daily basis. Sure, there are several free alternatives that you can use, but they are often unreliable and don't have all the features you need.


The speech just made on software also applies to games. Windows is still the best operating system in the gaming world. Some platforms are working hard to bring games to Linux as well, but it's a time-consuming process.

If you are a video game lover, therefore, continue to use the Microsoft operating system.


The most used operating systems, such as Windows and macOS, are constantly updated to increase both security and available functions. Linux is also updated, but obviously with a much lower frequency than the two giants.


Which Linux distribution should you install? Good question! In fact, when it comes to Windows the choice is very simple, as you have to choose between a few versions, among other things also similar to each other. Linux, on the other hand, has many distributions (about 600) and choosing the one that best suits your needs is not at all easy.

This implies that, before installing a version of Linux, you need to understand the available features and if it is suitable for your use.


Winning Windows over Linux in terms of stability it might sound irrational, but the reason is very simple. The operating system from Microsoft is far from perfectly stable and has numerous bugs, even annoying ones. However, Windows is followed by a lot of people, who test it and improve it day by day. As you may have understood, however, Linux is followed and managed by a smaller number of employees, which implies that it may take longer than usual to solve a problem.


Microsoft provides ample support to Windows 10 users, through various communication channels.

On the other hand, instead, to receive support on Linux, it will be necessary to resort to searches on the Web or to forums, which at times could be very useful, but at other times they may not be suitable for "new" users.

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