Asus presents Project Precog, a future dual-screen laptop PC!

On the occasion of Computex 2021, Asus unveiled a surprising laptop PC. Called Project Precog, it is a computer with a convertible dual screen. No keyboard, no mouse. This intelligent PC is able to adapt and anticipate the needs of the user.

While the news in your country is punctuated by the ban on smartphones at school or fake news, in Taiwan is held Computex 2021. This high-tech show mainly dedicated to computers is an opportunity to discover new features available in the near future, but also the innovations of tomorrow. On the occasion of Computex, Asus therefore presented the Precog Project. It is a smart laptop PC with a convertible dual screen.

No keyboard, no mouse, but damn smart

Sci-fi fans will have recognized the reference to the movie Minority Report. The Precog is the “seer” who sees crimes before they are committed and alerts the police. This reference was not chosen at random. The Asus PC is also able to anticipate and adapt to the needs of the user. Developed in partnership with Microsoft, it integrates Cortana, the firm's intelligent assistant. Asus has also chosen to integrate Alexa, the Amazon assistant present in particular in the Amazon Echo connected speakers. However, we do not know how Asus will make the two assistants coexist.

Like Tom Cruise in Minority Report, the user will therefore be able to use the PC without a keyboard or mouse. The Precog is made up of two 13,3-inch screens. The first displays information, the second a tactile interface or may include a virtual keyboard, application menus, and various practical information with possibilities for interactions.

Asus Project Precog: release scheduled for 2021

Beyond this information Asus did not reveal anything. We therefore know neither the configuration of the machine nor its price. On the other hand, the brand assured that its Precog Project would be announced and marketed in 2021. By then we will certainly hear about this little toy. What do you think of such a PC? Would he tempt you?

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