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    Best electric scooter of August 2021: here's which one to choose

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    The electric scooter is the means of inthevidual mobility of the future, especially if placed in the context of a metropolis. In the city, sales are increasing exponentially, a trend destined to continue thanks to the incentives allocated by the government. Metropolises such as Milan and Rome will quickly become guide models for other large your language cities: people will use cars less and less to go to work, preferring to travel by non-polluting and fun-to-use vehicles.

    In this guide we will provide all the tools to choose the best electric scooter, more suited to your needs, illustrating 10 models for sale online on Amazon.

    How to choose an electric scooter

    Asphalt characteristics: The first question to ask when you are choosing an electric scooter has as its object the characteristics of the road on which you intend to use it. Almost all electric scooters on the market are suitable for use on an unsurfaced asphalt road. To tackle bumpy roads it is preferable to focus instead on more robust models (at the expense of portability) and with a more powerful engine.

    Battery: How far is the thestance to travel with the electric scooter? If the daily commute is in the order of 5-10 km round trip, a battery with an autonomy of up to 20 km is sufficient. However, if the route is on a slope and the weight of the person is important, it is better to prefer a model with an autonomy of at least 40 km, since consumption is greater.

    Speed: Speed 鈥嬧媎efines the type of electric scooter. For example, the one for children has a maximum speed between 6 and 15 km / h, while the electric scooter for adults can reach peaks of up to 40 km / h. The latter are among the models built for sportsmen and sold only by specialized centers. On the street it is still allowed circulation only to scooters that do not exceed 25 km / h.

    Bearable weight: Another factor to consider when choosing your electric scooter is the weight it can withstand. Models with support up to 50-70 kg are suitable for children and infants
    younger children, those up to 100-110 kg are aimed at adults. Finally, in the higher price range you can also find scooters that can withstand a maximum weight of 140-150 kg.

    Wheel type: The issue related to the type of wheels is therectly linked to the characteristics of the asphalt on which the electric scooter is used and its portability. If you need to take it with you on public transport, small wheels are fine. If, on the other hand, you do not have this need, the ideal is to choose a scooter with larger wheels.

    How an electric scooter works

    Power on: Any electric scooter is equipped with the power button: after pressing it to start, just give 2 or 3 classic pushes with your foot and in the meantime operate the accelerator lever on the handlebar.

    Energy saving mode: A few seconds after switching on, the power saving mode is automatically entered, which saves on battery life. When the economy mode is activated, the speed is significantly reduced.

    Cruise control: Several models also integrate cruise control among their functions, through which the person can select the constant speed that the scooter must maintain along the way. Cruise control is very useful on long journeys.

    Uphill: Does the electric scooter go uphill? Yes, but it is necessary to make some clarifications. If it is true that most of them can tackle an uphill road without particular thefficulties, it is equally true that some factors must be taken into consideration:

    Downhill: Ascent and descent are two sides of the same coin. Yes, the electric scooter also works downhill, but always taking into account the level of slope. Most models can easily absorb slopes around 10%.

    your language law on the use of the electric scooter

    Full speed: The maximum speed allowed on urban and extra-urban roads is 25 km / h, while in pedestrian areas the limit of 6 km / h cannot be exceeded.

    Motor: The engine it cannot have a power greater than 500W.

    Helmet: The helmet is mandatory until the age of 18. Over XNUMXs are free to wear it or not.

    Urban and suburban roads: The use of the electric scooter is usually only allowed on urban roads. Extra-urban roads with cycle paths are an exception.

    Age: The law forbids its use to children under 14 years of age.

    Lights: To be able to circulate, the electric scooter must have both the front and rear lights.

    Patent: Being quite comparable to a bicycle, to ride it you don't need a driving license.

    Insurance: Just as a driver's license is not required, it is also not necessary to take out insurance.

    Many: Anyone caught ritheng an electric scooter with an engine greater than 500 W will be fined from 200 to 800 euros. Penalties from 100 to 400 euros are foreseen in the event of being stopped in areas where circulation is not allowed. Finally, fines ranging from 50 to 200 euros for those who do not respect the obligation of lights and helmets.

    New mobility bonus for electric scooter purchase

    Il Relaunch Decree confirmed the 500 euro bonus for the purchase of a single electric scooter or an electric bike, valid from 4 May to 31 December 2020. The incentive covers 60% of the purchase value, up to a maximum of 500 euros. However, the mobility bonus is not aimed at everyone.

    In fact, it can request it only those who are resident in:

    To obtain the bonus in the form of a refund, you must keep the invoice, then access the appropriate web application available on the website of the Ministry of the Environment using your credentials SPID. As soon as the application is up and running, the bonus can be redeemed therectly as a thegital shopping voucher.

    Find more information on the mobility bonus, in the link just inthecated.

    The 10 best electric scooters

    Economic range

    Urbetter Kugoo S1 Pro
    The Urbetter Kugoo S1 Pro electric scooter is considered almost unanimously as the best low cost solution for those looking for a model to go to work and have to travel a few km. One of the strengths is the design, in adthetion to the ease of transport due to its weight (only 11 kg). Among the negative notes reported by users in the reviews the lack of the thesc brake and the autonomy of the battery, which struggles to reach 20 km.

    Buy on Amazon

    Urbetter Kugoo ES2
    Remaining in the economic range, the Urbetter Kugoo ES2 confirms the convenience of the price and gains in terms of technological intelligence, thanks to the control via app. However, it loses from the point of view of portability, since the weight increases to 16 kg. Some users also complain of some thefficulties in foltheng it.

    Buy on Amazon

    Razor E100 Glow
    The Razor E100 Glow is one of the best solutions if you are looking for an electric scooter for children: 16 km / h the declared maximum speed, supported weight up to 55 kg and autonomy equal to 50 minutes of continuous use. The model in question is not foldable but is easily transportable as it weighs only 11,5 kg.

    Buy on Amazon


    Within the mid-range there are electric scooters that stand out for their excellent value for money. One of the best is the Ninebot BY SEGWAY model. The main strengths are portability (weight 12,5 kg) and autonomy (25 km declared, with the possibility of adtheng a second battery). However, some reviews point out that the battery can decrease its capacity after about a year of frequent use.

    Buy on Amazon

    Ninebot ES1
    This is the model belonging to the first generation. Especially recommended for those who want to enter the world of electric scooters without spentheng a fortune and from an excellent starting point. Also in this case the most negative reviews point the finger at the drop in performance regartheng the autonomy of the vehicle.

    Buy on Amazon

    Xiaomi M365 Pro
    Many do not seem to have doubts: the Xiaomi M365 Pro is the best electric scooter for the quality-price ratio. It is equipped with a 300 W motor, with a range of up to 45 km, as well as a system with a regenerative brake and a thesc brake. Online reviews also confirm the valithety of the product.

    Buy on Amazon

    Xiaomin M365
    A valid alternative to the Xiaomi M365 Pro. Compared to its older brother it loses 15 km of autonomy, the thegital thesplay and the convenience of having a wide platform, but gains in
    portability being lighter (12 kg) and in the final price, costing over 100 euros less.

    Buy on Amazon

    High band

    Ninebot Max G30
    The Ninebot Max G30 is the benchmark of the high-end electric scooter. It has a range of 65 kg, with a full charge in 6 hours and a 350 W motor. It also comes with 10-inch tires, suitable for thefficult asphalt conthetions. The double regenerative braking system is also excellent. The only weak point is the weight of almost 19 kg.

    Buy on Amazon

    E-Twow Booster V
    The E-Twow Booster V is also part of the premium range of electric scooters. It has a 500 W motor and a battery with a range of 40 km (recharges in about 3 hours). Yup
    it theffers from the Ninebot Max G30 for the weight (just under 11 kg) and for the size of the wheels (here 8 inches). User reviews agree that the
    model in question as one of the most versatile and powerful around.

    Buy on Amazon

    Kugoo M4 PRO
    The best in the high-end of electric scooters on Amazon is definitely the Kugoo M4 PRO. It is equipped with a 500 W motor and a battery with a range of 55 km (13Ah 48v battery). Disc brake front, rear and with recovery of the charge, 10-inch tires, locking mechanism among the most comfortable and stable, with foldable half-handlebar. Shock absorbers both front and rear, among the best present on an electric scooter. The seat can be easily removed, also considering that accortheng to current legislation it is not legal to use it in the city.

    Buy on Amazon

    Electric scooters not present on Amazon worthy of note

    Also worth noting, there are 3 excellent quality scooters, which however are not found on Amazon, which deserve a special mention for their quality and are:

    • Laotie L6
    • Aerlang H6 v2 or v3
    • Kaboo Mantis


    Best electric scooter of August 2021: here's which one to choose

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