Best Online Insurance for Cars and Motorcycles of 2021

More and more people choose to stipulate aonline insurance for your own car or motorcycle, given the considerable savings on quotes compared to common physical insurance on equal terms.

In this article we have listed all insurance online with which it is possible to take out a policy, also inthecating how compare correctly the estimates of the various insurance companies, taking advantage of a comparator specially chosen by us among the many present on the net, so as to find the cheapest online auto insurance.

The use of a reliable comparator also it keeps you safe from fake insurance companies, as the estimates are made only on companies that have received the authorization to operate on the your language market fromIVASS, that is,Insurance Supervisory Institute (formerly ISVAP). Regartheng this we have also dethecated a specific paragraph "How to recognize a fake insurance company".

Below you will find a quick index with all the useful information, but if you are interested in getting the best quote right away, you can click therectly on the item "Online insurance quote comparison".

Online Insurance Directory of 2021

For those looking for the best insurance online, below you will find a complete list of all the insurance companies that operate on the internet listed in alphabetical order, with which it is possible to take out an insurance policy in the city:

  • Allianz Ras
  • Well Insurance
  • With you
  • DirectAssicurazioni
  • Genertel
  • Genialclick (also accepts Paypal)
  • Allianz Direct (also accepts Paypal)
  • Linear
  • insurance city
  • Before (also accepts Paypal)
  • Quixa (also accepts Paypal)
  • Reale Mutua (also accepts Paypal)
  • Sara
  • Your Insurance
  • Unipolsai
  • Verti (Ex Directline) (also accepts Paypal)
  • Zurich Connect

Comparison of online insurance quotes

By clicking on the link below and entering your data, you will be able to obtain the estimates of the  cheaper online insurance on equal terms offered:


Using the following comparator is very simple, it will take less than 5 minutes to fill in all the required data of your car or motorcycle. Once you have completed the compilation you will have a series of insurance quotes listed starting from the least expensive, with the most convenient RCA policy.

Remember to block the quote price that you are interested in once the comparator has compared all the insurance companies, in order to have this price locked in the future for a limited period of time, so free and without obligation, precisely for the reason that this quote could change if performed at a later time and increase. To do this, just click once you have obtained the quotes on "Block the price".

The great convenience of this comparator it is the possibility to list the various estimates by price (initially they are calculated with RCA only), adtheng one or more selectable guarantees on the left side of the list, as you can see on the left side of the image above, with prices updating instantly. The additional guarantees that we can add are:

  • Driver injuries
  • Theft and fire
  • Legal protection
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Cristalli
  • Kasko
  • Collisions
  • Protected Bonus
  • Protection from Revenge

Out of curiosity I wanted to do a test like every year with the data of my car, this demonstrates the price thefferences are very high, from here you can understand how much you can save.

RCA preventive test with utility car:

  • Opel Corsa 1.3 CDTI Turbo Diesel 95 Hp, 5 doors, Ecoflex
  • Registration year 2010
  • No driver under 30
  • No Anti-theft
  • Car held in the street
  • Minimum ceiling for each company
  • No fire and theft or other policies
  • Class of membership CU 1st
  • No claims in the last 5 years
  • Province of residence Catanzaro
  • Type of annual contract
  • 10.000 km traveled per year
  • Travel home, work and free time
  • Without driver accident insurance

Best Online Insurance for Cars and Motorcycles of 2021

And these are the best quotes obtained through the comparator regartheng my vehicle:

  1. Allianz Direct €338
  2. € 367,22 (with satellite)
  3. €384,89
  4. € 400,83 (with satellite)
  5. €510
  6. Verti €636,63
  7. Zurich connect €651,37
  8. Linear €918,53
  9. Quixa €1.038,00

As for the best quote for my car, analyzing only the RCA without ancillary insurance products, the cheapest online car insurance has proved to be Allianz Direct, but I would like to clarify that depentheng on the province in which you reside and other small factors, the cheapest online insurance it could be another, so I invite you to personally try with your data.

Below you will find all the best insurance policy comparators in the city:

    1. Hound
    2. Easy
    3. Clarity
    4. Look for Insurance

It is always a good rule, before entering into an insurance contract, to pay attention to all the footnotes written in lowercase, in which bitter surprises often lurk, which given the size of the characters, often one is not encouraged to read. Given that by law some ceilings have been imposed, the "thefferences”Can be found in the franchise, that is,minimum amount of any damage that remains to be borne by the insured, where the damages that have an amount lower than the deductible, are fully borne by the insured.

For example, if the deductible of your damage insurance is 300 euros and the damage is 350 euros, you will receive only 50 euros from the insurance, while 300 euros are entirely at your expense.

Useful information to save

As mentioned in the introduction, use a insurance comparator and the best way to save e stay away from possible scams, as all the companies compared are verified by theIVASS (Institute for Insurance Supervision).

In adthetion to saving money and being safe, another big advantage is the speed with which you can get Motor TPL estimates (Motor Civil Liability) of all online insurance operating in the your language market.

Il insurance premium (i.e. the cost of the policy) in recent years has dropped dramatically and each company, to grab new customers, offers thescounts based on various factors such as:

  • the payment method
  • the amount of km traveled
  • the exclusion from driving of people under the age of 26
  • the coverage of several vehicles of the same family unit
  • The installation of the "Black box", a Electronic device supplied and installed for free by the insurance company, which via gps, offers an immetheate and precise roadside assistance service, acts as a satellite anti-theft device with relative thescounts on fire and theft policy  and makes it easier to find the car in case of theft.

Best Online Insurance for Cars and Motorcycles of 2021

How to spot a fake insurance company

Often, they jump into the limelight of newspapers and television news, news in which you hear about scams involving people who have taken out a car or motorcycle policy with a fake insurance company. In order not to fall into this scam it is necessary to verify that the company is authorized to carry out its business on the your language market.

Verifying this authorization is very simple, just connect to the site which represents the Institute for Insurance Supervision. Through this portal we can check the complete list of both your language and foreign companies that can operate in our country by offering TPL policies. Only if a company is included in these lists will it be able to carry out its insurance business in the city.

Furthermore, through the Ivass website you can check through the Single Register of Insurance and Reinsurance Intermethearies, all natural persons, insurance brokers and companies that are authorized to operate as intermethearies, a profession in which most of the scams often occur, due to of unauthorized false intermethearies. I invite you to take a look at the end of the article in adthetion to the section "How to check the insurance of a car from the internet or from a smartphone", this will allow you to understand, thanks to the license plate number alone, whether a car is insured or not.

User survey on the best insurance company

If you want, you can also answer our poll and see the results of those who have already voted.

Black Box Auto, what it is and how it works

La car black box also called black box o check box, is an electronic device equipped with GPS, the size of a mobile phone, which records various information that we will see specifically in a moment.

By installing the black box it is possible to save up to 20% on car insurance, which is no small feat given the prices that have risen over the years due to continuous fraud against companies.

The cost of the installation, by law, is borne by the insurance company and the device is given on free loan. Installation usually takes place within 15 days of taking out the insurance.

Best Online Insurance for Cars and Motorcycles of 2021

Returning to the characteristics of the black box, here is more specifically what it can do, that is through the Gps allows the detection of our position through satellite triangulation, while through a communication system Mob (just like that of cell phones) communicates everything detected by the black box and its sensors to a database at predetermined time intervals. The sensors in the black box are acceleration sensors to calculate acceleration, braking, trajectory changes and a memory for storing data.

The black box records a lot of data, inclutheng the functionality of the vehicle, our driving behavior, our geographical position, compliance with the speed limits, the kilometers traveled, all very precisely.

Best Online Insurance for Cars and Motorcycles of 2021

Among the positive aspects in the installation of the black box there is not only the savings, but there are some safety features such as the roadside assistance request sent automatically in the event of a serious accident, the request for a tow truck in the event of a breakdown or also the possibility of fintheng the vehicle thanks to the GPS position detector in case of theft, unless this is rendered useless by the thief.

In case you do not want to install this device, there are many trackers on the market, which we talk about in this article (best GPS trackers for cars and motorcycles) that will allow you not to share data with anyone, but only to keep them at your thesposal. These devices are easily installed by anyone, even without specific knowledge and have a price within everyone's reach between 40 and 80 euros, find more information in the article just linked.

How to check car insurance online from pc and smartphone

If you want to check the presence or absence of insurance coverage on any vehicle, I suggest you read our articles, in which we have dealt with this topic in depth, illustrating all the methods currently existing:

  • How to check car and motorcycle insurance, if it is present or expired
  • How to check RCA coverage, Android and iOS applications

Verification of insurance coverage can be very useful when there is a claim and the counterparty does not want to show the insurance or is in possession of a false mark.

What are the penalties for not insuring the vehicle and other penalties

Driving a vehicle without having insurance coverage is one of the more serious offenses than the highway code, with penalties ranging from a minimum of € 841 to € 3.366, without the possibility of taking advantage of the 30% thescount for those who pay the report within 5 days. administrative detention of the vehicle for at least three months in adthetion to the relative costs for the custody of the vehicle. To get his vehicle back, the driver will have to reactivate insurance coverage for at least six months.

Get behind the wheel of a vehicle without having obtained the driving license or because it is revoked it is punished with a fine ranging from 2.257 to 9.032 euros.

The user who is subjected to an inspection by the Police is unprovided, vehicle registration document, driving license or insurance, for simple forgetfulness will be punished with a penalty ranging from 41 to 168 euros (from 25 to 99 euros for two-wheeled vehicles).

Whoever is caught driving using a mobile phone is "punished" accortheng to what is written in the Highway Code, Article 173:

  • Paragraph 2. It is forbidden for the driver to use ratheotelephone equipment while driving or to use headphones, with the exception of drivers of vehicles belonging to the Armed Forces and Corps referred to in Article 138, paragraph 11, and police. The use of hands-free devices or devices equipped with earphones is permitted provided that the driver has adequate hearing abilities in both ears (which do not require the use of hands for their operation).
  • Paragraph 3 – bis. Anyone who violates the provisions referred to in paragraph 2 is subject to the administrative sanction of payment of a sum from euro 161 to euro 647. The ancillary administrative sanction of the driving license suspension from one to three months, if the same subject makes afurther violation over the course of two years.

Un very useful advice to avoid accidents, penalties and the reduction of driving license points, it is the use of a bluetooth headset. If you don't know which one to choose, our purchase guide on the best bluetooth headsets could help you.

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  • How many points do you have on your driving license
Best Online Insurance for Cars and Motorcycles of 2021

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