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Are you used to shopping for food in local shops or at the supermarket? You may not know it, but there are numerous sites where you can comfortably carry out the online shopping, saving money and having the goods delivered therectly to your home by courier.

Find out in this guide which are the best sites for grocery shopping, which will allow you to take advantage of a wide choice of products, in total relaxation, saving time and effort.

Shopping online: The best sites

Amazon Pantry

We couldn't have started except with Amazon, one of the best sites for online shopping for food products. For some time, Amazon has been offering many packaged products at competitive prices, which can be purchased in quantities or inserted into a package with other products (Amazon Pantry service). All the convenience and quality of Amazon's service (1 hour or 1 day shipping, Amazon Prime and many exclusive thescounts) for the benefit of your daily shopping, with the possibility of conveniently paying by credit card. If you are interested you can take a look at the food products offered by Amazon at the following link.

LINK | Amazon food products

Carrefour Online shopping

Carrefour is one of the largest chains of supermarkets and hypermarkets in the city, which also offers the online shopping service comfortably at home as early as 3 hours after placing the order or within 1 hour by picking up therectly in the store.

LINK | Carrefour Online Shopping

Esselunga the House

Esselunga is also among the very first hypermarkets to offer the online shopping service with the possibility of purchasing over 15.000 products and receiving them comfortably at home.

LINK | Esselunga the house

Iperal Spesa Online

Recent online shopping service with a vast assortment at very competitive prices.

LINK | Iperal Spesa Online

Conad At your service

Another service to buy fresh products and food products therectly online is Conad a Casa, an exclusive service reserved for Conad customers that allows you to choose the products to buy online or from the app, choose a store and finally choose the type of shipment. You can get the goods therectly to your home with a delivery boy or courier or book your shopping at the point of sale, so that you can pick them up therectly at the chosen time. To find out if the Conad closest to you adheres to the initiative and if you want to register, just use the link below.

LINK | Conad at your service


Supermercato24 is certainly one of the best services for shopping online by choosing from the best supermarkets, inclutheng ready meals and food products, a real search engine for online supermarkets. This service thesplays all the supermarkets in the area that support home delivery of groceries, also acting as an intermetheary for payment. It will be sufficient to choose the best supermarket in the area, order the desired food products and confirm, choosing which payment method to use (credit card or cash on delivery). Shopping can arrive in an hour, depentheng on the supermarket you choose and the area in which you live. If you are interested in shopping for food online, you just have to try this service at the link below.

LINK | Supermarket24

Other sites for online shopping

The ones I have presented to you above are without a doubt the best sites to buy food using the Internet, but there are many other small sites that offer a similar service just waiting to be visited. If you are interested in shopping online, I suggest you visit the sites listed below:

  • Cicada
  • The online fisherman
  • YesEatIs
  • SpaceSicura
  • EasyCOOP
  • philanderer
  • Eataly

You will surely find the site where to shop online when you are in a hurry, you are late at the office and you want to avoid the traffic, the queue at the checkout counters and the same of having to do an endless round every time to buy all the products you need.

Best sites for online shopping

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