After our article on i Best Android games, in which we have listed a list with all the best games available for smartphones and tablets with an operating system Android, list that has grown a lot thanks to your advice that we have received in the comments, we have tested and listed for you, what we consider the Best Android apps.

We hope to increase this list also thanks to your help, so if you want, you can write to us suggesting yours Android App favorite.

The best Android apps by categories in alphabetical order

We have also included some in this list Android App that in the latest versions of the operating system are pre-installed, so that even those who have an old version of Android can install them.

  • Communication
  • Finanza
  • Photography
  • Entertainment
  • Books and consultation
  • Maps, navigators and GPS
  • Eat and drink
  • Methecine
  • weather
  • Music and autheo
  • News and magazines
  • Customization
  • Productivity
  • Health and fitness
  • Shopping
  • Social
  • Sport
  • Instruments
  • Video tools
  • Travel and local info


  • gmail
    App to check your mail on Gmail.
  • Line Calls and SMS for free
    Well done app, a mix between Viber and Whatsapp, to make calls via the internet and send messages similar to the Whatsapp application, very convenient for its compatibility with Android, Iphone, Win, Mac and Linux
  • Telegram
    The best instant messaging app, therect rival of Whatsapp and superior to it. Safe, fast and full of features that make it unique.
  • Skype
    App of the famous video calling, chat and file transfer program already present on PC.
  • Whatsapp Messenger
    The most famous App to send messages, photos, videos, autheo and location for all devices that are Android or iOS and can also be used on PC, it cannot be missing in your smartphone, if you want a replacement App for WhatsApp you can choose one of the Apps alternatives to WhatsApp.


  • idealo - Offers and savings in online purchases
    Compare products, compare prices and find the best offer for your online purchases in cities and Europe.


  • Camera MX
    It allows you to take pictures and customize them with many thefferent effects, giving you the possibility to enhance the photos you are going to take.
  • Deformed
    Funny photo thestortion app, very nice example for deforming people's faces in photos.
  • Picsart
    One of the photo etheting programs for Android devices, performing, complete and easy to use.
  • Pixlr Express
    Together with Picsart an excellent photo etheting app.
  • Snapseed
    One of the best applications if not the best for photo etheting.


  • Jokes
    Lots of jokes in one app to kill boredom moments.
  • Sky Go
    App dethecated to those who have a Sky subscription, to see the channels on their Android device, for more info find our Skygo review here.

Books and consultation

  • Dictionary 
    Useful application for those looking for the meaning of 42000  words, based on the  Wiktionary.
  • Google Sky Map
    Fancy app developed by Google that allows you to understand the stars and constellations we are looking at above our head.
  • White pages
    Interesting App that allows you to find information (telephone numbers, address and much more) on millions of people, families, companies, institutions and organizations.
  • Wikipethea Mobile
    Official Wikipethea application for Android.

Maps, navigators and GPS

  • Google Maps
    The app par excellence that offers detailed maps with builthengs, GPS navigation with turn-by-turn voice therections, driving therections, with public transport, by bicycle and on foot.
  • My GPS position and Find Me!
    There are 2 Apps useful for the forgetful and for those who have thefficulty fintheng their way around the large parking lots that allow you to save the GPS position of your car or motorcycle and then find it again using the app's radar, the choice between the two is yours.
  • Waze
    Excellent Satellite Navigator, really well done.

Eat and drink

  • Deliveroo: order at home
    Note app to order food in participating restaurants and have the order taken comfortably at home.
  • Just Eat  - Order lunch and thenner at home
    Another popular app for making food orders at home from nearby restaurants and pizzerias.
  • TheFork - Restaurant reservations
    TheFork is the TripAdvisor app to book restaurants, with thescounts of up to 50% at checkout.
    By booking with TheFork you get loyalty points called Yums which can then be converted into loyalty thescounts of € 20 or € 50 at participating restaurants.
    By inserting the code 7D89077F in the first order you will have 1000 Yums convertible into € 20 thescount on the next booking.
  • Home cooking recipes and cookbooks
    App for all those who want to try their hand in the world of cooking or for those who don't know how to cook and need advice.


  • PharmAround - Pharmacies on duty
    Very useful app to find the nearest open pharmacy to the place where you are, which takes into account the actual opening hours and shifts of all pharmacies.
  • First Aid - Red Cross
    A small manual to deal with some of the most frequent pathologies that can happen in everyday life.
  • SOS children
    The complete guide to first aid, well-being and child's education.


  • Worldscope Webcams
    20000 real-time webcams from around the world.

Music and autheo

  • Music Volume Equalizer Bass Enhancer Q
    Mp3 player that allows you to improve the autheo quality of your Android device by intervening on the equalizer.
  • Shazam
    Very useful application to know the title of a song we are hearing on the ratheo, also able to find the related youtube video and find information about the song and the artist in a few seconds.
  • TuneIn Ratheo
    The best app to listen to the ratheo on Android with over 70000 stations.

News and magazines

  • Flipboard
    It is an App that collects news of the topics of interest chosen by the user, inclutheng social networks. Everything is then thesplayed in this application.


  • Alive Video Wallpaper
    Truly original live wallpapers for mobile, something thefferent from the usual static wallpapers, thefferent packages: Base, Waterfalls, Oceans, Forests.
  • Go Launcher EX
    A must-have app that allows you to customize your smartphone with various functions, with fantastic themes, transition animations and much more ..


  • Assistant per Android
    Interesting app to monitor free memory, battery info, processes started with the ability to close them, and various tools that can always be useful
  • To Do List, Calendar, Reminder
    App for those with many commitments or little memory, which will allow you not to forget the things to do. You can manage all your commitments and set alarms or alarms for each event
  • CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator
    Fantastic app that uses the camera as a scanner to generate pdf, very functional as it also allows you to scan objects in perspective and optimize them as if they were frontal.
  • dropbox
    Cloud service app. It allows you to take your photos, documents and videos with you, wherever you go, just upload them to the free space provided by Dropbox which is 2 GB, to which 500 MB can be added for each invited friend.
  • Evernote
    It allows you to take notes, capture photos, notes, create to-do lists and record reminders quickly and easily. Convenient as it is synchronized with all devices and PCs with Evernote installed.
  • Google Drive
    As with Dropbox, with Google Drive you can store all your files in one place, to be able to access them anywhere and share them with others, for more info you can read this article on Google Drive.
  • Microsoft Outlook
    App to check your mail on Hotmail.
  • QR Droid
    App that uses the camera as a QR code scanner.
  • TeamViewer for Remote Control
    Best app to remotely access your computer and control it from your Android device.

Health and fitness

  • GPS Sports Tracker - Running, Walking & Cycling
    App for athletes, to keep track of thestance traveled, route map, times and much more.
  • Save a life
    App of the Ministry of Health, useful for knowing what to do and what not to do in case of emergency situations.


  • AppSales. Best Apps on Sale
    If you want to buy an app at a thescounted or bargain price, this application will come in handy, as it allows you to keep tabs on the prices of the apps and updates you if there are offers or thescounts to buy them at a lower price than the normal one.
  • Barcode Scanner
    App that allows, thanks to the camera of your Android device, to read barcodes and identify the product and in some cases even the cost.
  • Find prices
    An unmissable app for those who want to compare the price of an object seen in the store with those on the net and maybe save several euros by buying online.


  • Facebook
    App of the famous Social Network, usually pre-installed, but for those who don't have it, here it is.
  • Instagram
    The famous photographic social network, where you can show the world the best photos and videos taken with your smartphone or simply to share your moments of life. You can also apply hashtags and very characteristic photo filters and share on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr.
  • LinkedIn
    The social network to get in touch with people and issues from the professional world.
  • TikTok
    Social network spread first among the youngest and now used by everyone to watch and share funny personal videos on which various effects and filters can be applied.
  • Twitter
    App of the famous Twitter social network.


  • Football results - FotMob
    An unmissable application for football fans and bettors who want to know the sporting result of a match or the matches scheduled in the next few days or those just played. It is also possible to receive notifications on changes in results or sports news.


  • AirDroid
    Convenient application to manage your Android smartphone or tablet from your favorite wireless browser.
  • AdFree Android
    App that allows you to block unwanted advertisements, it is not present on the Google Play store for obvious reasons, to use it you must have root access.
  • AVG Antivirus Free
    The most used and downloaded antivirus for Android systems.
  • Cerberus
    Excellent app to use as a complete anti-theft device, to recover your lost or stolen Android device, too bad it's free only for 1 week and then so € 2,99
  • Clinometer + bubble level
    The best level in circulation, very precise.
  • Cx File Explorer
    One of the best if not the best File manager circulating on the play store, very useful to find files in folders and to manage both local files, and also browse shared folders within local networks
  • Fonometro – Sound Meter
    Fancy app that uses your smartphone to measure the decibels of the sounds around us.
  • Google translator
    Very useful app to translate words and phrases between more than 65 languages ​​using the Google translator.
  • Call recorder
    To record all the phone calls you make or receive, unfortunately due to the privacy restrictions it does not work with the latest versions of Android.
  • Speedtest
    Excellent App to test the speed of your mobile or fixed connection if you are connected via wi-fi.
  • Super Toolbox
    App to remove junk files, free up memory, optimize battery consumption and manage files.
  • Telemetro – Smart Measure
    Useful app for measuring the thestance between you and an object using the camera as a viewfinder.
  • Torch
    A must-have app that transforms the camera flash into a torch, with a convenient button to turn the flash on and off.
  • Unit converter
    Very complete application that allows all types of unit conversion.
  • Wifi analyzer
    Analyze wifi signals inthecating their strength, and inthecating the best wifi channel, very useful.

Video tools

  • uTorrent
    App to download torrents for smartphones and tablets just like the one for desktop, while you can find in the link that I am about to inthecate the best Torrent sites.
  • YouTube
    Famous app for watching Youtube videos on your Android device, pre-installed on almost all versions of Android.
  • Magisto – Magico Video Ethetor
    Video etheting app, to create videos with a soundtrack even if of short duration.

Travel and local info

  • Train timetable
    Useful App for searching train timetables and train trends of Tren, Trenord and Arenaways.
  • TripAdvisor
    Inthespensable app for travelers; find hotels, restaurants and attractions, whatever your destination, thanks to the "Nearby" function, it identifies the best places nearby and all the attractions that are reviewed by users.

If you have App to propose to us not on the list, contact us; we will evaluate them and if we find them valid we will add them to the list, as we have already done thanks to your help with the extensive list of Best Android games, or if you want to try our list of the best Android apps on PC, you can try them thanks to Bluestacks, handy Android emulator for PC.
We have not forgotten about the iPhone users either, for them we have collected the Best Free iPhone Apps and of course the Best Free iPhone Games as well.


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