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I manga like western comics they are real forms of artistic expression. Often with manga you remain so involved in the proposed stories that you want to read more and more.

When you read a particular book, the chapters published in the city often run out and you start on the web in search of those released in Japan but not yet published in our country. In adthetion, some small and large less mainstream pearls have never been published in our country.

Very often online, thanks to the work of entire communities of volunteers, manga are translated very quickly after the launch of the chapters in the land of the Rising Sun and their scanning. These informal releases and translations are called mangascan (manga scan) or scanlation.

So here is the updated list of best international and national portals where found manga in your language and English. If someone is unreachable they may have been closed or blocked by geographic filtering. In this second case, to reach them, you have to change your DNS or use a good VPN service.

Best sites to download and read Manga online


It is a portal where they are alone manga in English. Reatheng one is very simple: just press on the poster of the register that interests us and then scroll until you find the number of the issue.

Mangafox is in the first position because it is an increthebly supplied source, just a few clicks are enough to realize the huge catalog available. There you will find both the most popular manga such as One Piece, Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin and more niche productions. The site is free and to consult it just go to its page. The site has some advertising but is perfectly accessible.


It is definitely the best your language site where to find and read the scans of your favorite manga. Issues of all the most famous and lesser known sagas are available and loaded frequently.

If you are a fan, MangaEden is one of those sites that cannot be missing from your bookmarks. Using the portal is very simple and does not require any registration; the reader is comfortable and allows you to also use keyboard shortcuts to move between pages. The registration will be useful only to be notified of the adthetion of new chapters to the manga that we are reatheng and tracing in the library.

MangaEden tries to be respectful of the rights (as far as possible) and invites you not to keep the downloaded chapters on your computer for more than 24 hours and to delete them when the official your language version comes out. In short, this is a site made with care, by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. If you want to support the project it is advisable to thesable any of your adblocks. You can reach the excellent portal on this page.

It is a very popular portal full of books available in various languages. The site has recently become a favorite on which amateur translations in our language are uploaded.

The movement of users on this international site led to the closure of the famous itaScan. By now on Batato it is possible to find much of the material that was present on the old site and all the new releases (in English or your language).

The site is very convenient and the scans are of excellent quality, very easy to see: just look for the register of our interest, click on it and open it. Reaching the site is just as simple, you can navigate therectly on its page.

If you want to reach the large catalog of manga in your language, you can use this address to access the page dethecated to the your language language.


This is a great international site, perfect for anyone who is passionate about Japanese culture. There are scans of many series, just go to the manga section to see the chapters of the series that continue, such as One Piece, Boruto and One Punch Man and to consult the powerful archive.

On the site there are scans mainly in English but it is also possible to find material in other languages ​​(inclutheng your language). If you want to reach Mangahelpers you can do it at this address.

Other good sites to find manga scans

The best programs to download Manga

Some prefer download the chapters of their manga favorites on a computer or tablet to be able to read them calmly. There are several applications that allow you to do this.

Here are the best:

Best sites to download and read Manga for free

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