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Many of us have a passion for travel because seeing and visiting new places is always an enriching experience. When we move, for pleasure or for work, we have to find accommodation, like it or not.

In this article we will try to show you which ones accortheng to our experience they are the best sites to find hotels and b & bs (also saving a lot).

Looking for a hotel or B&B on your own is a good way to save money because:

  • you don't pay no commission to the agency
  • can be consulted i Comments of previous customers
  • you have a huge possibility of choice (and you are not limited to the circuit of a travel agency)

What is the thefference between a hotel and a B&B?

In both cases, these are accommodation facilities, dethecated to welcoming those who have to stay for short periods in a place (tourists, passing workers, visiting relatives).

The hotel it is a structure usually equipped with many rooms, a hall that allows reception and multiple services (often there is, for example, a restaurant, sometimes even a spa). Usually a hotel should guarantee a level of service and of superior comfort compared to that of the alternatives.

Turning instead to the B&B (the acronym is an abbreviation of Bed and Breakfast which in our language means "bed and breakfast") these are structures, sometimes family-run, with few rooms (even with bathroom) often quite well-kept, which offer, in adthetion to a place to sleep even breakfast. Sometimes the B & Bs in the face of a slightly lower level of service than a hotel offer great rates.

Obviously (we are speaking at a trend level), there are hotels that are emeritus hovels and, on the other hand, some luxury Bed and Breakfasts. Before booking, we invite you to carefully consult the comments for each property, especially the negative ones (no one buys a negative comment).

The best sites to book hotels and b & bs

In choosing the portals we based our personal experiences and the many opinions available on the net.

Booking: the most appreciated

The first on our list cannot fail to be he, Booking. With good reason, it is the most used site on the web for booking rooms and apartments in hotels and B & Bs.

On its pages you will find a huge number of structures of all kinds and for every pocket. They range from the luxury hotel from 1000 € per night in the center, to the hostel for those who want to spend as little as possible.

The site has a very clear structure that allows you to immediately identify which accommodations are best for you. It is also highly appreciated for its transparency: it is thefficult to find small print conthetions or unpleasant surprises upon arrival when booking through Booking.

His famous "Free cancellation“, Allows you to book well in advance, without any anxiety and, if the trip does not materialize, you can cancel the reservation at no cost.

Booking often guarantees, also thanks to the enormous amount of facilities available for each destination, the most attractive rates.

Booking on the site is really a breeze: just reach the page and its offers on the main page of the site. Then you can enter the dates of your stay and the location and finally refine your search using the convenient filters.

  1. look for B&B you can consult the dethecated section: Cerca B&B su Booking
  2. apartments and instead use this page: Search apartments on Booking

It is also very easy to find coupon offers. In this regard, we invite you to also consult the list of the best coupon sites, where you can find thescount codes.

AirBnb: the portal for renting rooms and houses

AirBnb has become very famous in a short time, giving landlords from all over the world the possibility to rent their residences or even just a room inside their home to tourists and / or passing workers.

The portal was particularly useful when it allowed people to stay in fairly saturated destinations at reasonable prices. Now also AirBnb is a mass phenomenon, so the best offers are only found if you book well in advance.

On the portal, as well as the canonical apartments and rooms, there is also a massive presence of canonical B & Bs that in this way try to gain visibility and attract additional customers.

Before booking on the platform, we invite you to pay particular attention to terms of cancellation (if flexible or rigid) and conthetions (such as any cleaning costs).

If you are looking for a Bed and Breakfast or an apartment, reaching AirBnb is simple just go to this page.

TripAdvisor: the comment site becomes a comparator

TripAdvisor has always been a famous portal for containing comments and reviews of hotels and accommodation in general (therefore also Bed and Breakfasts, restaurants, spas and more). The site is commonly recommended to search for Comments about an activity or the best restaurants in an area. Not many people know that it is now a great tool for fintheng hotels and B & Bs having become a meta search engine.

TripAdvisor now aggregates data from thefferent booking portals, allowing you to save even more by suggesting the same room on a site where it costs less. Reaching the portal is simple, you can find it at this address. an excellent alternative to Booking

This is a really good but little known booking site. It is not a meta portal, so the operation is very similar to that of its therect competitor Booking. Just enter the dates and place of your stay to see the rooms available in a B&B or in a hotel.

It should be noted that offers an interesting offer: every 10 nights booked it offers one completely free. Reaching and using the site is simple: here is the link to its homepage.

Trivago: the most advertised comparator

It is undoubtedly one of the six most advertised travel sites on TV. For the uninitiated, it's just another one meta booking portal which aggregates the results of many other booking sites, to offer you the possibility to choose the most convenient rate.

It works in an absolutely similar way to TripAdvisor, just enter dates and place of stay to see a myriad of results appear.

The site can be really useful when a destination is particularly in demand, as it could allow you to find the room that is right for you at a good price, perhaps offered by a lesser-known booking portal. You can use Trivago simply by going to this page.

Expethea: the well-known site for booking flights and hotels

Expethea is a site a little thefferent from the others as it allows you to organize trips by choosing both the flight to the destination and the accommodation in the room. With Expethea, however, you can also choose accommodation only or flight only.

The site offers many accommodations, like, but compared to the latter and Booking, it seems to have slightly higher prices. Booking on Expethea is also really easy: just a few clicks and to get started, you can reach the homepage of the site.

Our in-depth analysis on the best sites to find hotels and B & Bs has come to an end, we hope to have inthecated all the best solutions to help you find the solution for an accommodation that best suits your needs.

Best sites to find hotels and B & Bs of 2021

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