Computer Security Day 2021: Check Point Software Technologies' five tips

Marking the 33rd anniversary of Computer Security Day, Check Point recalls five important tips for securing IT systems in the home and office.

Computer Security Day is celebrated on November 30th

Since Computer Security Day was established in 1988, the number of cyber attacks has increased every year. Only in the last 6 months, in Italy, each organization suffered 964 attacks weekly. More threats and more sophisticated, more devices, more computing power and specialized hackers: anyone with a computer, smartphone or IoT device now has to think about cybersecurity regularly. However, there are many who do not care. Especially today with the increase in smart working, each of us carries a certain level of responsibility when it comes to safety.

So here are the 5 tips from Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, the leading provider of cyber security solutions globally.

Check Point's 5 tips:

  1. The importance of passwords: passwords should be regularly changed and checked. Furthermore, experts have pointed out that the frequency of password renewal is just as important as the length and complexity of the passwords. It is vital that users take care of their passwords, that they do not store them insecurely in Excel spreadsheets, or that they leave them written around for anyone to see. Remember that "1234" or "password" are not secure passwords!
  2. Protect yourself from phishing: Users should be careful before clicking on links that look suspicious, even if you know the sender. It is also good to download content only from reliable sources, as phishing is still the main route of attack. Therefore, if users receive an email with an unusual request or a strange sender or subject, they should immediately start doubting.
  3. Choose your computing devices carefully: Remote working from this point of view has become extremely important. The risk of a large-scale attack increases when employees use their personal devices, such as computers or cell phones, for work purposes. Security software should be installed on all devices and the connection to the corporate network should be secure.
  4. Keep the software up to date: Hackers often find entry points into applications, operating systems and security solutions, as they generally monitor and exploit the vulnerability of these. One of the best protection measures is to always use the latest version of any software and download all possible patches.
  5. Use multi-factor authentication: Multi-factor authentication is something many users are already familiar with through their online bank accounts. An example, in fact, is the use of the TAN (single use access code) via mobile phone. This is an increasingly popular system in ecommerce, which aims to increase IT security. By doing this, it has made it nearly impossible for cybercriminals to gain access to the system despite knowing the password.
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