Download karaoke backing tracks for free

If you are a karaoke enthusiast and want to organize an evening with friends while having fun with the most famous songs, you will first have to retrieve the backing tracks (in MIDI format), so you can sing to the rhythm of the base and read the synchronized text on the screen of the your PC or TV to let the fun begin.

In this article we will look at the best sites for download karaoke backing tracks for free for any karaoke program, so you can start the fun right away.

Free Karaoke Tracks: Best Sites

All sites that you will find in this guide offer thousands and thousands of original and famous songs converted to the format compatible with karaoke programs (MIDI or KAR), all you have to do is try them all and create a collection within the hard drive of your PC of ready-to-use karaoke bases.

vanBasco’s MIDI Search

One of the best sites to download free karaoke backing tracks is definitely vanBasco’s MIDI Search, available at the following link.

LINK | vanBasco’s MIDI Search

Through this site it is possible to search in the text field for the favorite song or singer, in order to retrieve the MIDI file (with the backing track) or the KAR file (with backing track and lyrics) to be used on the VanBasco program or any other program compatible with karaoke backing tracks. The search system on the site allows you to show a chosen number of results and to show only the results containing KAR, ie the scrolling texts with the background base; to use it just enter the name of the song you are looking for or the artist in the text field then click on Near!


Another very useful site for downloatheng karaoke bases is SingSnap, which you can reach from the following link.

LINK | SingSnap

On this site you can find a large number of MIDI and KAR backing tracks for any karaoke program, plus the site allows you to play within it the song and the chosen backing track so you don't even have to use a program to create karaoke. . Enter the name of the song or artist in the Song / Artist field then click Search to start searching for the karaoke backing track. Many contents of the site are available for free download after registering for a free account, so if you find the song you are looking for, I strongly recommend that you subscribe to the service to be able to download it locally.


To download high quality karaoke backing tracks, inclutheng recent your language songs, you can also try Vittoriani, available at the link below.

LINK | Victorians

To use the site, simply click on one of the folders in the lower part of the site, the list of songs belonging to that category will open, all you have to do now is click on the song to start the download of the backing track for karaoke in mithe format.

Alternatively, another great source for downloatheng karaoke backing tracks is through torrent sites, using uTorrent or qBittorrent as software. If you want to download free music, check out the article I just linked.

Download karaoke backing tracks for free

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