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    Pay attention to "Vista Logo"

    Attention! When a Vista logo contains the words "Certified for Windows Vista" or "Premium" it is good news, because it means that Microsoft has tested the hardware and certified it to work correctly with Vista. Look with skepticism at logos such as "Works with Windows Vista", "Basic", or "Vista Ready".

    "Basic" or "Vista Ready" means that the products will work with Vista, but with limited functionality. Our fear is that "Basic" or "Vista Ready" will not allow the consumer to understand the actual limitations of the product.

    Upgrade to Office 2007

    In the past we have always witnessed the simultaneous release of the operating system with a productivity product: Windows 2000 and Office 2000, and especially XP and Office 2003 have proved to be excellent couplings. Based on our previous experiences we are confident that Vista / Office 2007 should also not disappoint expectations.

    Due to the new "Ribbon" interface, the impact may blow you away, but day by day we begin to appreciate the new Office 2007. We have found our favorite settings and we believe that the new features of Office 2007 are best appreciated by looking under "the zest "of the product.

    Driver for Windows Vista

    Audio Video Driver for Windows Vista
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