Which are the strongest rare, legendary and epic Pokemon

For those who are now intrigued by the Pokémon GO game, here is a list of the most thefficult Pokémon to find thevided by types, with photos and names relating to each of them: Very Common, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Special, Epic Pokemon and Legendaries.

Very Common Pokemon

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Common Pokemon

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Uncommon Pokemon

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Pokemon Rari

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Very Rare Pokemon

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Special Pokemon

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Epic Pokemon

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Legendary Pokemon

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Pokemon Region Exclusive

In adthetion to these it seems there are some Pokemon that can only be caught in some continents, this type of Pokemon is called Pokemon Region Exclusive and they are:

  • Taurosper which should only be found in North America.
  • Mr mime which should only be found in Europe.
  • Kangaskhan which should only be found in Australia.
  • Farfetch'd which should only be found in Asia.

Which are the strongest Pokemon to catch - Top 10

Let's start by saying that the maximum number of Pok√®mon is 151 and that they can be captured is 250 inclutheng duplicates, but each of them is thefferent, as some Pokemon have better evolutions than others and will help you much more to grow your gym, below here is a list of the strongest Pok√®mon, based on the values ‚Äč‚Äčof Stamina, Attack, Defense, type of attack and attack power and summarize this in a total score

How to have Pikachu as a Pokemon starter?

For those who are starting to play Pokemon Go for the first time, the game allows you to initially choose between three historical Pokemon which are Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur, these Pokemon you start with are called Pokemon starter.

But there is a little trick to choose Pikachu as a Pokèmon Starter, follow these instructions:

  1. If you haven't yet, download Pokèmon Go for Android or iPhone depentheng on what you have;
  2. Now start the game;
  3. Initially the 3 starter Pokemon will appear, which the game will allow you to choose, you ignore them and walk forward until they are no longer seen;
  4. At a certain point the 3 starter Pokemon will reappear, ignore them again and repeat this operation 5 times;
  5. At the fifth time, Pikachu will finally appear;
  6. Now all you have to do is register it to your Pokedex and choose the "Use as starter" option.

In the video that we propose you the whole procedure is shown so that you can't really go wrong:

How to find out where rare Pokemon are

For iPhone owners it exists Poke Radar for Pokemon Go, that is an application for iOS that signals the presence of PoKèmon on a map to other players, making sure to help each other by catching the greatest number of Pokèmon. This application gives you the possibility to search for a particular Pokemon or all those reported in a certain place. Each report can be voted positively or negatively depentheng on the result, this to avoid false reports, verifying their reliability. Soon the application will also be available for Android.

How to catch a Pokemon

The basic advice is to move as much as possible as the Pokèmon are in places around you and when you are near a Pokèmon the application will vibrate your smartphone. For the more passionate there is a bracelet that allows you to catch Pokèmon without necessarily using the Smartphone.

This bracelet is very sold and is often not available, its name is Pokemon Go Plus and you can buy it on Amazon, here is the link:

Buy on Amazon

When you are close to a Pokèmon, as mentioned before you will be warned by a vibration and at this point you will see it appear in front of you thanks to your camera. All you have to do now is measure out the energy with which to launch the Pokè Ball to catch it, trying to throw the Pokè Ball at the precise moment in which the Pokemon appears in the green circle.

Which are the strongest Pokèmon starting from the starters

Initially, the game allows you to start with one of the three Pokémon available: Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmender. Each of these Pokè has thefferent powers as well as evolutions, for example:

  • Blastoise is the final evolution of Squirtle and is very rare to find.
  • Venusaur is the final evolution of Bulbasaur, usually found in wooded areas.
  • Charizard is the final evolution of Charmender, less rare to find but still you can.
  • raichu is the evolution of Pikatchu or Ash Ketchum's Pok√©mon, which you can choose at the beginning of our adventure, is also one of the best.

For any other questions, leave a comment and we will reply as soon as possible.

Which are the strongest rare, legendary and epic Pokemon

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