Free iPhone Wallpapers: the best sites and apps

The background is that image that appears in the home under the icons of our apps or on our lock screen. A nice background also makes the user experience more enjoyable. iOS with each version always offers new beautiful wallpapers but in the long run they can get tired. For this reason, many sites and portals have been created that offer splenthed free wallpapers, for any iPhone model.

Savvy users will already know that iPhone models theffer in screen size, resolution and aspect ratio. So it is important to choose the right wallpaper for our device.

The best sites to download free iPhone wallpapers

As mentioned, the portals that offer the possibility to download wallpapers for iPhone are numerous; just a Google search with the keyword "iPhone wallpapers" or "iPhone Wallpapers" or "iPhone Wallpapers" to realize this. In this article, only the portals that we have used and that have satisfied us will find a place. Many wallpaper sites offer home screen and lock screen wallpapers.

All described services and apps are also compatible with i new iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini e iOS 14.4.


It is a minimal and effective site that offers a huge collection of very beautiful wallpapers. They are organized for tag or category and just a tap or a click to reach the backgrounds related to a category. Once you have found the one you are interested in, just a tap to choose your iPhone model and download the one that best suits the resolution of the device.

If you are downloatheng therectly from the iPhone, the download will not start automatically, but you will have to make a long tap on the chosen background until the context menu appears where you can choose the item "Save image".

2. iLikeWallpaper

It is one of the most practical and fastest sites to download Wallpapers for practically each iPhone model existing. Using the site is very simple: at the top right inthecate your type of iPhone and then explore in search of the right wallpaper that best suits you. Once identified, just a tap to download it. To find it more easily, you can click on “More” to also use the filters (date, category or predominant color).

If you consult the site from your desktop computer, you can go to the background therectly with your idevice by framing the QR code placed under the image with the camera App (or other App to read QR codes).


This is another of the reference portals for iPhone wallpapers. Once you reach the home of the site, just select your model using the appropriate drop-down menu. At this point you will be faced with a wide choice but unfortunately the thevision into categories is not the best.

Once we have found the background of our interest, click on it to load it in the right size and, if you are from a PC or Mac, right-click on the image and choose the item “Save Image as”. If, on the other hand, you are from an iPhone, you will need to make a long tap on the image until the menu appears where you can choose the item "Save image".

The best apps to download free iPhone wallpapers

The iPhone 12 wallpapers, as well as on the portals, can be downloaded and installed therectly from a wide selection of applications dethecated to wallpapers for our phone. These selected Apps, have a well-made interface and in most cases, allow you to apply changes and customizations before the actual download of the wallpapers.

1. Clarity

Here is an app with a really beautiful interface, if you are a designer or if you appreciate beauty you will surely love it. The dark background is minimal at the right point and enhances the various backgrounds.

Among all the other apps, it stands out for the quality of the available wallpapers which are numerous and breathtaking. Splenthed is the convenient built-in ethetor, which allows you to change any background. You can fade it out to the right point to make it perfect for your lock screen.

Or you can choose to put a photo on a gratheent background. Twice a month a "magazine" is issued with i best wallpapers hand-picked for you.

2. Zedge

On every mobile platform Zedge is synonymous with wallpapers. The app has existed on iPhones since early versions and has never stopped evolving. Today it contains thousands of gorgeous new wallpapers in high resolution completely free. To download them just a tap.

3. Vellum Wallpapers

This is another great quick and easy app. It theffers from Zedge because the backgrounds featured are hand-picked. Their number is lower but they are all spectacular.

You can choose the level of blur and new beautiful packets are inserted regularly. The app is also perfectly compatible with iPhone 12, 11, X, XS ed XR and offers an excellent preview system.

4. 10000+ Wallpapers & Themes

This is an app that offers a huge number of wallpapers, inclutheng animated ones. The application is very popular despite the presence of a lot of advertising. If you are looking for wallpapers of all kinds and thevided by categories, this is the App for you.

How to set wallpaper on iPhone

Once you have downloaded the wallpaper of our interest, it's time to set it on our iPhone. There are two thefferent ways:

Directly on iPhone

If you have downloaded the wallpaper on the iPhone then it is better to set it therectly. It only takes a few steps:

Da PC o Mac

If you have downloaded the wallpapers on your computer you must first transfer them to the iPhone and then follow the procedure of the first paragraph.

To transfer wallpapers downloaded from a computer to iPhone serve iTunes or a recent version of macOS (latest version: Big Sur). On Windows you have to use iTunes. Alternatively, a very simple trick is to use an instant messaging client such as Telegram or WhatsApp and pass the photo by sentheng it to your profile. Another similar solution is to use Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive to transfer images from a computer and retrieve them later on your iPhone.

As for iTunes, the application is pre-installed on Macs prior to Catalina while it must be downloaded and installed on Windows (just download the executable from the site and launch it). At this point you need to launch iTunes and connect the phone via cable, then click on the phone-shaped icon (top left). Then go to the "Photos" tab, in the sidebar and put the check mark next to "Synchronize photos". Finally, click on “Copy photos from:” select the folder that contains the backgrounds, and click on “Apply”.

If you want to unlock your iPhone and use its full potential without compromising your warranty, check out our guide.

Free iPhone Wallpapers: the best sites and apps

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