How do I get a refund for a Nintendo Switch game (eShop)?

The devil is hiding in the details

In theory, any purchase made online can benefit from a 14-day withdrawal period. Except that Nintendo plays on a very specific legal point: "when purchasing digital content in Nintendo eShop, you agree at the time of purchase that Nintendo begins to fulfill its contractual obligations immediately, before the expiration of the withdrawal period, and in doing so, you expressly waive the exercise of your right of withdrawal ”.

To put it simply, by purchasing from Nintendo eShop on the Switch, you give up all possibilities of withdrawal. However, the rule is relaxed for games purchased in preorder.

But be careful, here too the devil is hiding in the details. So when you pre-order a game from Nintendo eShop, the button Proceed to pre-order should be displayed clearly.

If you have a pimple Proceed to purchase only, this is a classic purchase, so no refund possible. This happens when the game is released within the next 7 days.

If you have the two buttons, choose the first only in all cases. You will thus keep a backup solution and Nintendo reminds us of its limitations before any purchase by specifying on an orange background Cancellation possible ou Cancellation not possible.

The conditions for a pre-order Nintendo eShop game to be refunded

  • The refund request can only be made with a game in preorder.
  • The reimbursement request must be made at most 7 days before the actual release of the game.
  • You must not have launched no downloads however, some games offer to download the game in advance or game elements. As on PlayStation Store, initiating the slightest download voids any possibility of reimbursement.

How do I get a refund for a Switch pre-order game?

Are you more than 7 days away from the release of the game you pre-ordered? So let's go to your Switch and let's see how to request a refund.

  • See you on the Nintendo eShop de la Switch.

Click on your account avatar and you will land on the page Account Info.

  • Locate the tab preorder.
  • The list of pre-ordered games will appear on your account.
  • Click on Cancel pre-order.
  • The operation is complete, you automatically return to the page preorder which should now be empty.

For your information, when you buy a pre-order game, Nintendo does not immediately debit your account, so the request mostly cancels out the future debit. In absolute terms, if you want some leeway, prefer pre-ordering: you can change your mind up to 7 days before the game is released.

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