How do I set up rewards on Brave?

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To counter the undesirable effects of its ad blocker, Brave is developing its own system for remunerating web content publishers. Objective: finance the sites in proportion to the time devoted to them and put an end to intrusive advertisements.

Called "rewards", this reward system is based on BAT (Basic Attention Token), cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain. You collect tokens by viewing ads selected by Brave. The BAT are then automatically donated to the sites you visit regularly. You can also choose the platforms you want to support financially. We explain in this tutorial how to properly configure Brave to activate and configure rewards.

Set up rewards on Brave

Before earning BAT, it is necessary to activate the rewards and create a cryptocurrency wallet.

  1. Click the triangle icon to the right of the address bar.

  2. In the dialog that opens, click on "Join the rewards program". Brave creates your cryptocurrency wallet and activates the financial support system.

Set up ads on Brave

Ads are a quick and easy way to earn BAT. Brave emphasizes the inherent privacy-respecting nature of the advertisements offered.

  1. Click the triangle icon in the address bar, then click "Rewards Settings".

  2. A new tab opens. From here, you can enable or disable "Announcements" by clicking the adjacent switch.

  3. Still in the ads block, click the settings icon, to the left of the switch, to configure the frequency of ads displayed.

  4. Pull down the menu and select the maximum number of ads displayed. You can view between one and five ads per hour.

  5. Finally, click on the cross, at the top right of the block, to validate your preferences.

Configure automatic contributions

If it is possible to make one-time donations to the sites of your choice, Brave allows you to set up automatic contributions which remunerate the platforms visited in proportion to the time devoted to them.

  1. Click on the triangle icon in the address bar and then on "Rewards Settings".

  2. Scroll down the settings page to the “Auto-Contribute” block. If it is not already done, activate the associated switch.

  3. You are viewing the list of sites visited during the month. In front of each, a percentage of devoted attention gives you an idea of ​​the percentage of BAT donated to each platform. Please note that only publishers certified by Brave can benefit from the rewards. A blue verification icon shows you which sites are affiliated. Click on the trash can in front of the sites not concerned by the program to exclude them from the list.

  4. Now click on the settings icon, to the left of the switcher, to configure the automatic contributions in depth.

  5. Here you can select a monthly compensation cap, define a minimum time spent on a page before counting a visit, and set a minimum number of visits before considering the publisher as relevant.

  6. Click on the cross at the top right to validate your preferences.

As an indication, a viewed ad brings in approximately 0,1 BAT, or the equivalent of 0,015 euros. If you want to contribute beyond just advertising revenue, you can always bolster your wallet with personal funds.

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