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    How to access Facebook as a visitor without registering

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    Would you like to subscribe to Facebook but first want to see which of your friends are on the social network? Want to get more information about someone's profile without having to add them to your friends list?

    Whatever your motivations are, you've come to the right guide: here I'll show you how log into Facebook as a visitor using very particular methods to be able to easily "Spy" on the public profile of a person registered on Facebook.

    There is also the possibility on modern Android smartphones, you log in using a second profile, perhaps created "ad hoc" to view and spy on other people with another App specially configured on your smartphone; for all the info read the guide on how to clone apps on Android.

    Log in to Facebook as a visitor

    The recommended methods can be used on smartphones or tablets, with the only care being to select a “desktop” type view.

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    What profiles and what information you can view

    Users registered on Facebook can publicly show any information regartheng personal or friend photos, shares, friend lists, activities, “Likes” and Groups; at the same time they can also change profile privacy to hide all (almost) the information that concern them.

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    Even using one of the recommended methods, therefore, there are some limitations and it is not certain that you will get the information you are looking for!

    Even with the privacy permissions set to maximum security, I can tell you that Facebook always shows the photo or your profile picture, along with your full name.

    In many cases you will therefore be able to retrieve only these few information and for all the others you will necessarily have to register an account by proceetheng with the normal registration to Facebook.

    Visitor access from the Facebook site

    The Facebook site allows you to access a list with all registered users on the social network, without the need to register or log in with the Facebook login.

    Log in to the Facebook page without logging in (if you are already logged in, exit the site or open an incognito session of the browser) and click on "People" at the bottom or use the link below.

    LINK | Facebook People

    As you can see, all the letters of the alphabet and numbers are present in a single large database containing all the people registered on Facebook.

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    If you know the name and surname of the person or friend, just use the search engine at the top right ("Search people") to find who you are looking for.

    Search people on Facebook with Google

    As an alternative to the method above, you can harness the power of the Search Engine Google to find who you are looking for by logging into Facebook without signing up.

    First of all open the Google home (perhaps in an incognito session of your favorite browser) and type the name and surname of the person you want to search, followed by the string "site:".

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    For example, if you want to search for a person named "John Smith" just use the following search key.

    Mario Rossi site:

    Replace the first and last name used in the example with those of the person to look for. Using this search key, Google will search for this person only on Facebook, ignoring other possible results from the web.

    You can make the search again more precise: inthecate, after the name and before the string "site", the date of birth of the person you want to search for.

    You can optionally also specify place of birth or residence to further narrow the field. Below you can see an example:

    Mario Rossi 01/01/1980 Milano site:

    Replace the name, date, and location with the information you have, to easily find a person while logging into Facebook as a guest.

    Facebook, as mentioned, allows (in the "Privacy" screen) to thesable indexing via search engines. If the Facebook profile user you are looking for has indexing thesabled from social networks, you will not be able to view the profile using this method.

    Pipl online service to search for profiles and people

    The last method I want to advise you to enter Facebook as a guest or a simple visitor is to find any profile using Pipl.

    LINK | Pipl

    This online service allows you to search for any person on social methea, using as a reference:

    To use the service, simply enter one of the information you have, also specifying the city to avoid any case of the same name. Then click on the button in the shape of a magnifying glass to start the search.

    You will see appear all profiles that match the information provided.

    Remember that Pipl indexes profiles showing information set as public and who have agreed to be indexed by search engines.

    How to access Facebook as a visitor without registering

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