How to create a chart in Excel?

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Graphs allow you to summarize your data in a way that makes your table more professional and demonstrates your skills with the Excel spreadsheet. It is sometimes preferable to make a graph rather than a long table to better enhance your work. Learn how to create a chart in seconds in this tutorial.

Create a chart in Excel

  1. Select data for the chart.

  2. Click on the icon Insertion and Recommended graphics.

  3. In the auto charts dialog box, select a chart to preview it.

  4. Validate your selection with the OK button, then observe your graph in your Excel spreadsheet.

A well-constructed graph can highlight data, often in a more powerful way than a table, and much better than long and endless sentences of explanation.

Excel offers many possibilities to help you create and highlight your data. After choosing a chart template, the possibilities of layout, chart formatting are multiple, and it is of course possible to combine several types of charts.

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