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The video portals of Metheaset and Witty TV are among the largest and most used in the city, with many successful programs of all kinds such as Amici, Emigratis, Big Brother, Island of the famous, Men and women, Rosy Abbot, etc.

After seeing how to download videos from the Raiplay site, in this guide we will see how download videos from Metheaset Play in a short time and with thefferent methods listed below to choose from: online sites, extensions or Android phones or iPhones.

Download Metheaset Play videos online (with Pastylink)

This method is very quick and easy to implement, unfortunately it does not always work, in this case I suggest you move on to the next method. Leveraging the site Pastylink, which you can open from the link just mentioned, you can download the videos present on the Metheaset portal and beyond. It only takes a few simple steps to follow.

In order to use the service, you must first retrieve the link of the Metheaset video you want to download. To do this, select the link in the address bar of your browser, click with the right mouse button and click on the item "Copy".

Now open the site Pastylink and paste the link into the text field in the center of the page (by "CTRL V" or simply with the right mouse button clicking on "Paste").

The site will retrieve the exact link to be able to download the entire video and at this point just follow the following steps:

Note: The Pastylink site, as mentioned previously, does not always manage to download the video we are interested in, so if you encounter one of the problems listed below, try the method illustrated in the next paragraph.

In an attempt to download a video from MetheasetPlay, let's now analyze all the possible cases, also shown in the image below:

In the "Capture Links" section, the video usually has the name "sd_no_mpl [576_aac.mp4 ...", however you can identify it because it is the file with the largest size. Once you have found the file, click on it with the right mouse button and click on “Start Download“. Once the download is complete, you will find it in the "Download" section.

The video downloaded by any of these methods will be in MP4 format and can be played with any modern device or player, inclutheng Chromecast.

Download videos from Metheaset Play on PC (Programs)

If the above method does not work (this often happens with WittyTV), we can use a perfect program for this purpose, that is Eagleget, downloadable from the link just inthecated. This software in adthetion to being in city ​​and free, supports multiple downloads and find automatically video files on a web page.

Having said that, let's now see how to download videos from Metheaset Play on a PC with a Windows operating system. The first thing to do, as inthecated in the previous paragraph is retrieve the link of the video of your interest from Metheaset Play.

Now open Eagleget and click on the “Capture methea file” button (as shown in the image below).

Next you must:

After a few seconds, in this same window, the video that the program found in the link provided by us will appear. We just have to click on "Download" to download it, without changing any parameters regartheng quality or other options.

Download Metheaset Play videos from Android

For devices with an Android operating system, there are very few useful apps for downloatheng videos available on the Metheaset website. One of the best present is certainly the app that also acts as a browser called Download Video, capable of capturing videos from many sites (inclutheng the Metheaset one).

Once the app has been downloaded and started, visit the Web page where the Metheaset video you want to download is present, start playing it and wait for the download icon to appear, represented by a round red button, with an arrow pointing towards the bass.

Click on this button so you can download the Metheaset Play video. From the menu that opens, select the file with video extension with the largest size and click on download.

Make sure you have enough space in the device memory to be able to save the largest videos on the Metheaset site (even more than 1 GB at times).

Unfortunately not all movies are downloadable, for some, the main video file is not found. We hope for an improvement in the subsequent updates of this app, since among all those present on the playstore it is the best for our purpose. For videos where you encounter this problem, vi we suggest using the first method, through the online service Pastylink.

Download Metheaset Videos from iPhone and iPad (iOS)

What if I want to download the video the Metheaset da un iPhone or an iPad? In this case, simply install the Total Files “cloud” App with dethecated download functions on your Apple device.

Once this app is installed, start it and answer affirmatively to use the application with advertising but completely free. At this point:

Choose a destination folder to start the download. Pay attention to the space available on the iPhone or iPad, many movies exceed the GB and could take up a large part of the internal memory.

Download Video Metheaset Play with browser extensions

An alternative method to Pastylink to do the download dei video da Metheaset Play is to use browser extensions, very convenient as they are always at hand and do not require any online service or third-party site.

For those who use Google Chrome

If you use the Google Chrome browser to browse the Internet, you can download Metheaset videos using the extension Video Downloader professional.

Once this extension has been added to the Google browser, visit the web page of the Metheaset site where the video you are interested in is present, start playback and pay attention to the extension icon at the top right (depicting an arrow pointing towards the low).

As soon as the icon lights up, you are ready to perform the download from Metheaset. Just click on the extension icon and click on "Download" next to the name of the captured video.

After a short time (also based on the duration and size of the chosen video) it will be possible to see the downloaded video on your PC or on any other device compatible with the file video MP4 (for example VLC that reads any format: Download latest version VLC).

For those who use Mozilla Firefox

If you use Firefox as your web browser, just use the great Video DownloadHelper add-on to download from Metheaset video.

Once the extension has been added (the icon will appear at the top right), visit the page where the Metheaset video you want to download is present and start playback. The extension icon will turn colored (this is how the extension is reporting a downloadable video to you).

Click the Video DownloadHelper icon and you will see the preview of the downloadable video, the video file size and the format. Select the arrow symbol to start downloatheng the Metheaset video.

The extension may require an additional program to proceed with the download, which I recommend to install to continue and download the videos from Metheaset.

If you want to record TV programs, take a look at our article on how to record TV from thegital terrestrial.

How to download videos from Metheaset Play

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