Nuvelon Flare review, the party speaker

Nuvelon Flare review, the party speaker

It looks like a lamp but it is not. Or rather, if you want you can also use it for that but it is not its primary vocation. Nuvelon Flare is a speaker. Tamarro - you realize it immediately - is designed to be used practically anywhere.
But what does it offer? Who is it suitable for? We tell you about it in this review.

The Nuvelon Flare review

Nuvelon Flare comes from the United States, from a company called Forever Gift Inc., which is based in Texas and we got to meet at CES in Las Vegas. They caught our attention with a product that has not yet arrived on the market: a mirror that acts as a webcam and that can be used to do live broadcasts, especially for beauty.
Speaking with them we discovered that they already had products on the market, starting with this speaker. And so, between a chat and the other, we found ourselves having two.

Design and controls

Nuvelon Flare review, the party speaker

Nuvelon Flare has a rather distinctive design, which is reminiscent a lantern with lots of carrying handle. Inside we have the ever popular LEDs, with 10 different color options, a timer and the ability to select the brightness level, bearing in mind that there are 5 of them.

There are no remote controls or applications to connect the speaker to: check all the functions with the buttons you find on the front side. In order we have the power button, the one to activate the Bluetooth pairing, the one to activate or deactivate the LEDs and decide the brightness level, the button to change the color mode, the one to connect it to other Nuvelon Flare speakers (maximum 100 ) and finally + and - for the volume.

Nuvelon Flare review, the party speaker

On the right side, on the other hand, we have a rubber door that opens to show the reset hole, the 3,5 mm jack and the charging input. Nuvelon Flare in fact has a 6.600 mAh battery that guarantees a maximum of 10 hours of playback then you will have to recharge it with the appropriate power supply.
However, keep in mind that, at the moment, this speaker is only sold on American stores, so the plug is American.
On the other hand, we really appreciated the presence of the audio cable inside the package, which allows you to connect it via cable to any device.

We conclude the overview by pointing out that Nuvelon Flare is water resistant. Sure, you don't have to dip it somewhere but you don't have to worry about splashes or rain.

The field test

Nuvelon Flare review, the party speaker

On board we find two traditional 3-inch drivers and 2 3,5-inch bass cones. The volume is very loud, the sound is nice and clear but maybe not super balanced. The highs and mids are slightly overwhelmed by the lows.

It's not an audiophile speaker but we actually expected it. It is evident that it was created for a very specific audience, the one accustomed to big American parties, which can be at home or outdoors. In this case, Nuvelon Flare is a good solution, especially because, as mentioned above, you can connect it to other equal speakers to multiply the audio and light effects. To do this you will not have to go crazy: just press the dedicated button and a few seconds of patience.
In addition, the speakers can also be 15 meters away from each other, which allows you to cover a very large area.

Nuvelon Flare: price and conclusion

As anticipated, at the moment you can buy Nuvelon Flare only in American stores, starting from the official website.
The price is 139,99 dollars. They also exist the 2-pack retails for $ 239 and the one from 4 to $ 419. In practice, the more you buy, the more you save.

It is not a product suitable for everyone but if you are particularly party-goers they could really be for you.

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