Urbanista Lisbon true wireless earphones: our review

Urbanista Lisbon true wireless earphones: our review
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If you have ever wondered what the look of a brand new model of wireless earphones from a well-known Scandinavian brand could be like, know that you will find the answer in Urbanista Lisbon, recently launched on the market (also in Italy).

It is a product with a simple and captivating design, which in its five available colors, all of great impact, winks at the younger audience.

But it is at the same time an object that, despite its extreme compactness (and low price), provides excellent performance.

First of all, let's get to know the Lisbon Urban Planners better through the technical data sheet. After that we will tell you about the sensations experienced during the test days. In which we used these new wireless earphones (indeed, true wireless) both for making and receiving phone calls, and for listening to music and audio books.

Before that, however, let's hear how the product was presented by Anders Andreen, CEO, of the Swedish company. “The Urbanista Lisbon earphones are the perfect plus to our true wireless line. They may be the smallest product in our range, but the Lisbon earphones deliver undoubtedly powerful sound for their size. They are packed with features to complement an on-the-go lifestyle and we hope our customers enjoy this fun product as much as we do. "

Urbanista Lisbon true wireless earphones: our review

Urbanista Lisbon: the true wireless earphones

The Urbanista Lisbon, as we said, are the brand new true wireless earphones of the Swedish brand.

True wireless (which acronym is TWS, true wireless stereo) means the latest generation of wireless. In summary, it is a stereo Bluetooth signal. True wireless technology allows two audio devices to be paired together via a Bluetooth connection. The radio waves are thus transmitted simultaneously (and separately) to the two earphones. The result is clearer audio with less interference.

Urbanista Lisbon true wireless earphones: our review

The aesthetics of the Lisbon urban planners

As we have already said, the minimal aesthetics of the Lisbon planners are captivating right out of the box. The graphics are stripped down, and the two short sides reproduce the coloring of the case and earphones. Which were launched on the market in black, pink, orange, green and yellow-beige shades. One gets the impression that the precise, unusual and prominent color shades have been chosen with great care, and are one of the elements that give the object a decidedly cool air.

The inner packaging is just as understated, and contains - in addition to the earphones and the case - a USB-C charging cable and two small booklets: the instructions and the warranty.

Even the case of the Lisbon Urbanists (but it is more correct to call it the charging cradle) - with the brand name printed in bas-relief at the top, the charging progress LED and the reset button - has a sober and intriguing design.

Urbanista Lisbon true wireless earphones: our review

The technical characteristics

With Lisbon, Urbanista has produced one of the smallest pair of earphones on the market.

If the case weighs 30 grams, the earphones (whose measurements are 18x16x14 millimeters) weigh only 4 each.

Half-ear shaped, the earphones are covered with a layer of transparent GoFit silicone which, together with a protruding ring, facilitate insertion into the ear and ensure good stability.

The Bluetooth 5.2 connection is almost immediate with both Android and iOS: you pair them for the first time with your device, after which it will be sufficient to activate Bluetooth for the device to be immediately recognized.

A full recharge, which takes place very quickly (less than an hour) ensures 9 hours of listening. And the case provides two more full recharges, for a total of 27 hours of use.

The Lisbon Urban Planners they are compatible with Siri and Google's voice assistant. The only small limitation found, they are not waterproof.

For lovers of technical details, the earphones have 10mm drivers, frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz and SBC and AAC codecs.

The cost of the Lisbon Urban Planners is € 49,90.

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The test

The Lisbon Urban Planners' test gave excellent results from all points of view. The coupling with the two smartphones (Android) in our possession was very fast, impeccable wearability. We were also surprised by the lightning-fast charging times.

Buona the quality and clarity of listening, both when playing music and audio books and during phone calls.

The touch control on the external part of the headset is simple and intuitive. A series of commands (one or two taps on the right or left earpiece) allow you to pause a song, go to the next, adjust the volume. But also answer a call, end it or reject it, and activate the voice assistant.

Finally, there remains an element on which the company has focused a lot: trendy aesthetics, aimed at a young audience. Category of which, alas, who is writing this review is no longer part. But this does not prevent us from observing how the Lisbon Urbanists can certainly capture the taste of children: for design, for the quality of the sound and also for the low price.

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