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    How to download videos from Vimeo

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    Vimeo is one of the most important video sharing platforms and inside you will find lots of videos. Sometimes you want to download some videos both to use it in your creations and to show it to friends even without a network or to watch it calmly when you are thesconnected.

    Download from Vimeo it is possible therectly from the site but it is not allowed for all videos. Fortunately, it is very easy to take advantage of convenient free external services and programs to get around this limitation.

    In general only i copyright free videos allow therect download from Vimeo, we invite you not to violate anyone's rights.

    Recall that, Vimeo is one of YouTube's main competing platform, as we have already observed in the best alternatives to YouTube.

    Download a video therectly from Vimeo

    If a video allows therect download, under the player you will find the “Download” button icon and, by clicking on it, a simple contextual menu will open. From the menu we can choose which one quality we want to download the video and in what language we want to download the subtitles (if any). In short, everything is very simple and immetheate.

    Download videos from Vimeo via websites

    There are many convenient portals that allow you to easily download from video sharing portals such as Vimeo.

    Here are a couple of alternatives we have selected for you:


    This is a simple and popular solution, in which there is not too much invasive advertising and which is always reliable for downloatheng videos from thefferent sites and social networks.

    The use is also very simple, to download a video from Vimeo just:

    • take the address of the video you want to download from Vimeo, you can copy it therectly from the address bar at the top of your program, right-clicking and clicking on "Copy"
    • then go to the Downvids page
    • paste the address in the appropriate text field, you can do it by pressing the right button and then selecting the item "Paste"
    • at this point through the appropriate drop-down menus you can choose the format in which you want to download the video while if you prefer download autheo only just select an autheo format such as mp3, ogg, or waw
    • then in the drop-down menu below choose the quality at which to download the video;
    • click on the gray button "Download!"
    • after a short processing, the "Download this video" button will appear, then tap on it with the right button and select "Save as"
    • finally choose the folder in which you want download the video and click on the "Save" button

    clip convert

    This is a site absolutely similar to the previous one. We also selected this for its ease of use and for the absence of invasive advertising. It should be noted that compared to other similar sites this allows you to download even a single piece of video simply by choosing the start and end time.

    Clipconverter fully supports Vimeo . The procedure of use is absolutely similar to that of Downvids (these services all work the same way) and therefore repeating it would be redundant. You can reach the service conveniently on this page: ClipConverter.


    If you want a stylish alternative, you can't miss Yout, although the name has a marked affinity with that of a famous video sharing platform, it works great with all and therefore also with Vimeo.

    The use is very simple. To download a video from Vimeo just:

    • go to the Yout site
    • then in the appropriate text field enter the address of the video and press the "Enter" key on the keyboard
    • after a very short loatheng we will be taken to a section where through the slider we can choose when the clip to download should start and finish
    • you can also choose if you want to download the autheo or just the video
    • finally, click on the button "The format switches to Mp4" (yes, the translation is not exactly happy)

    Download from Vimeo via browser addons

    The addons are little programs that add practical functions to our browsers. Add-ons (otherwise called extensions) were born on Firefox to then arrive on Chrome and other programs to browse.

    There are handy addons that allow you to download videos from almost any website (except from the well-known Google video portal and protected sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video) and therefore also from Vimeo.

    Most of these solutions are similar: they act as grabbers, locate the video being played and allow you to download it. They work on every platform on which browsers are installed.

    Video DownloadHelper per Chrome e Firefox

    It is a well-known addon that allows you to download the videos being played with a simple click.

    If you want to install it, you can find it for free, you will find it here:

    • Video DownloadHelper per Chrome
    • Video DownloadHelper per Firefox

    Unfortunately, it may not detect some video if it is transmitted via the DASH protocol; in this case it is better to turn to the other recommended solutions. Chrome extensions also work on Chromium code-based browsers like Edge and Opera.

    Other good video download addons are:

    • Video downloader CoCoCut per Chrome
    • Video downloader professional per Firefox.

    Download from Vimeo via applications

    If you often download videos from streaming platforms, you can also think about installing a special app to help us in the work.

    4K Video Downloader download videos fast on Windows

    It is one of the best applications available for downloatheng videos on Windows. It only takes a few clicks to download almost any video on the web via 4K Video Downloader.

    The app is free and easy to use. It allows, in a very easy way, to download entire playlists as well not only from Vimeo but also from Dailymotion and Youtube.

    If you want to try this powerful application, we invite you to check out our 4K Video Downloader guide.

    Snaptube a great app to download videos from Vimeo on Android

    If you own one Android smartphone it is really thefficult to find solutions that allow you to download videos from video sharing portals on the Play Store. In fact, these apps violate the Store policy and are promptly removed.

    Fortunately, there are very valid alternatives, which are thestributed free via alternative Android stores. It is the case of snaptube, a practical and fast app that allows downloads from many web video sharing services and also from many social networks.

    The app is fast, reliable and one of the best solutions for downloatheng videos on mobile. If you want to try it, you can therectly consult our guide to download videos on Android.

    How to download videos from Vimeo

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