How to gift a video game on Origin / EA Desktop?

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Do you know a gaming enthusiast? Star Wars, Mass Effect, Les Sims and other licenses from the publisher Electronic Arts? Origin and EA Desktop are the online stores that bring together all of the American publisher's offers.

And much more, since other games come to fill the catalog of applications.

Buy a game on Origin / EA Desktop

We are dealing with a very special case. If Origin is still Electronic Arts' default app, EA Desktop , still in beta, is intended to replace it in the future. Warning: to open EA Desktop, you must first quit Origin (and vice versa).

Buy a game on Origin

  1. Go to the shop and choose your game;
  2. To the right of the "Get Game" button, click the little down arrow and choose “Buy to give” ;
  3. A pop up appears asking you to choose the Origin contact to whom you want to send the game;
  4. You can write a short message that the person will receive with the game
  5. Pay for your purchase.

Buy a game on EA Desktop

The option to gift a game is still not available in EA Desktop and is not yet planned on the public roadmap. Patience, therefore.

Find tutorials for other platforms on this page.

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