How to link your phone number to your Instagram account?

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To protect your Instagram account, it may be worth linking it to your phone number. This gives you an additional tool to act in the event of a security or identification problem.

Instagram, like any social network, necessarily requires time for the user to understand the system and know how to handle it correctly. It is indeed essential to know how to manage your Instagram account to take advantage of all the features of the application.

When you registered on Instagram, you were offered to fill in your phone number and even create your account from it. If in order to preserve this personal data, or if you simply did not see the point of it, you did not communicate your number to Instagram but today you have changed your mind, this tutorial falls to named point. We will indeed show you step by step how to link your phone number, which can then facilitate your connection to the application and give you access to other services, in particular two-factor authentication.

Link your phone number to your Instagram account

  1. As with many of the manipulations on Instagram, you must start by opening the application and going to your personal page. You can easily access it by tapping on your profile icon that appears at the bottom right of your screen.

  2. Then, open the menu that is at the top right of your page and that brings together three horizontal lines.

  3. Now go down to the bottom of the panel that has opened on the right side of the screen to select “Settings”.

  4. On this page, choose “Account”.

  5. Now tap on the "Personal Information" line at the top of the page.

  6. On this page where your personal information is collected, select "Phone number" or "Enter your phone number".

  7. If you do this from your smartphone, you may find that your number is displayed there automatically. If this is not the case, enter your number in the dedicated box then validate by pressing "Next".

Your phone number is now registered and linked to your Instagram account. You can always change it if needed.

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