How to merge cells in Excel?

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In Excel, it is possible to merge cells, behind this term all simply hides the possibility of grouping several cells into one.

Merge Cells in Excel

  1. Using the mouse, click on the first cell from which you want to start the merge.

  2. Hold left button then drag the mouse horizontally and/or vertically to select the number columns and rows you want to merge.

  3. In the tab Home, to section Alignment, Click on the button Merge and center. The Excel cells are then merged and the content is aligned in a centered position.

Note: to merge cells without centering, click the Merge and Center arrow, then click Merge.

Merging cells can be done beforehand or after entering content. In the second case, you have to make sure that the data you want to place in the merged cell is in the upper left cell of the selection.

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