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    How to offer a video game on

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    If someone close to you keeps talking to you about the latest little indie nugget in video games, the completely offbeat new project of a group of students, a little horror game all in lines of text or a pixel art shooter is that he probably spent some time on , the online store dedicated to so-called independent games.

    Why not offer him a little video game curiosity from time to time on

    Buy a video game on

    If this person hangs out on this application or this site, it is because they like to explore and discover little-known games, sometimes free. To offer him a game on this platform, follow this tutorial - and keep in mind that the process is exactly the same on the desktop application as on the website.

    1. Go into thegame explorer ;
    2. Click on the game of your choice;
    3. You are taken directly to the confirmation page;
    4. Here, check the small box 芦 Give this game as a gift 禄 ;
    5. You go first have to settle your purchase before choosing who you decide to send the game to;
    6. After paying for the game, you can enter the recipient's email and a short message;
    7. The recipient will receive an email containing the game download link.

    Find tutorials for other platforms on this page.

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