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    How to purge your Twitter account

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    The Twitter social network does not have an option to completely clean up posts on its network. However, it is possible to use third-party tools.

    The social network Twitter encourages Internet users to come forward in real time, as evidenced by the company's efforts in the field of video streaming in real time with Periscope. It must be said that with its 140-character limit, the service lends itself rather well to news flashes.

    Paradoxically, for this reason, messages published last month or the previous year are not necessarily of much interest. For some, the goal of this cleaning will be to better control the publications, or even to start from scratch with a private account.

    If Twitter doesn't have an option to delete multiple posts simultaneously, some editors are using the service's programming interfaces to purge the account. Some are paid, like TweetDeleter, others are free but offer a relatively slow process, like Twitwipe.

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    However, set up by the host Memset stands out because it combines a free and fast service. The latter offers to authenticate his Twitter account via the OAuth protocol. Once logged in, it will be possible to choose to automatically delete all messages published before a week, two weeks, a month, two months, three months, six months or a year. This therefore offers regular cleaning.

    An option also allows you to first delete all your previous publications. The process is relatively quick but be careful, TweetDelete explains that for a technical reason, only the last 3200 tweets will be correctly deleted. To circumvent this limit, it will be necessary to temporarily rename their Twitter account and authenticate the service again.

    Once the cleaning is done, it will be possible to withdraw the access authorization for, in the Twitter options.

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