How to remove annoying sound when adjusting volume up / down in Windows 10

In what cases can this sound appear? When we try to perform an action that is not allowed, for example. But it is really very annoying that when we just want to adjust the level of the volume of operating system, in each of the clicks we make that sound is heard.

To avoid this annoying sound there is also the possibility to control the sound from the keyboard.

This sound is the system default and can be the most annoying on many occasions. So we will see a simple one tutorial a little below so that every time we adjust, raise or lower the volume of Windows 10 this sound is not heard.

How to remove annoying sound when adjusting volume up / down in Windows 10

How to remove annoying sound when adjusting volume in Windows

  • First you have to press the button » Windows »On the keyboard to display the boot menu. You can also click on the bottom left of the Windows screen.
  • Once the start menu is open, you will have to type » Control Panel »And press enter.
  • You should look at the top right of the screen that the view is by category. It can be changed by clicking on » View by: «
  • Now you will have to click on » Hardware and sound «.
  • Then search " Sound »Among the available links.
  • A new window opens in which we can configure everything related to the Windows sound. You need to click on the tab » Sounds «.
  • Where it says " Events of the program »you will have to search» Default beep "And therefore in the option" Sounds "You should choose" Nobody «.
  • Once finished, the only thing left to do is click » Apply "And then on" OK «.

This way the annoying noise every time we change the Windows volume will no longer be heard. To work best with the sound of your computer, it is recommended to activate the sound cone and anchor it to the bar.

How to remove annoying sound when adjusting volume up / down in Windows 10

How to eliminate annoying noise when adjusting volume in Windows

As you can see, it's too simple a process for delete this default sound which can be noticeably annoying. Especially for those people who are used to wearing headphones it can be a sound that hurts the ears.

Remember that from the window we mentioned above and from the " Events of the program «, you will be able to change all the sounds that come by default in Windows 10.

This way, not only will you be able to avoid hearing annoying noises when adjusting the Windows volume. If not, you can too customize all sounds that arrive by default in the operating system.

It's a great way to fully customize your operating system to add sounds to your liking this time, maybe a little lower in volume so they're much more tolerable.

We hope this simple tutorial was very useful to you and it became very clear to you how to remove the annoying sound when you adjust the volume up / down in Windows 10 and as mentioned above you can not only remove it, but you can add any other sound in any action performed in the operating system.

Remember that if you have any kind of doubts about this topic or even if the article was useful to you, you can write us in the comments that you will find a little below and we will be happy to help you.

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