How to restore a deleted playlist on Deezer?

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You have created many personalized playlists on Deezer. Unfortunately, following a bad handling, you deleted one by mistake! Deezer has thought of everything: you can recover up to 50 deleted playlists within 30 days. However, the procedure must be followed from a computer, it is not available in the mobile application.

How to restore a playlist on Deezer?

1. Log in to your Deezer account from a browser.

2. Go to the restore playlists link. In the list, click on the one you want to recover.

3. It's over ! The playlist has been restored, you can find it in your favourites. You can also, from the same page, recover other deleted playlists.

Regardless of the Deezer subscription you have chosen: Free, Premium, Student, Family or Hi-Fi, you can create up to 2000
custom playlists. These are all opportunities to make mistakes or change your mind… Fortunately, thanks to this manipulation, you don't risk permanently losing a deleted playlist!

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