How to use eMule kad network without eMule server

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As most of you are noticing, with the passage of time the eMule servers are dwindling more and more and there will probably come a time when there will be no eMule servers available to connect to.
However, many do not know that it is possible to use the eMule program to search and download files without necessarily being connected to an eMule server.
In fact, it is possible to use the Kad network in order to have the same functions that you would have connecting to an eMule server.

La Kad network it is a more advanced file sharing concept than using eMule servers.
With eMule servers, each person must connect to the server in order to “talk” with other users; with the Kad network, in practice, it is as if everyone were a server and everyone contributes to the "construction" of the network.
This sharing model is quite similar to the one used for torrent file sharing.

But let's get to the point and see how to use the Kad network of eMule without eMule server. First of all make sure you use the latest version of eMule.

To work, the Kad network needs to know at least some users who are already connected to the network itself, this information is then stored in the file nodes.dat so you can connect immediately when you connect again in the future, however this data is already present if you have installed the latest version of eMule.

Then just go to the tab Kad click on Connect and then use eMule normally;

the only care to have, when you have to search for a file, is to select how Research method: Kad Network.

If the data to connect to the Kad network is not available, do not be alarmed, just insert one of the links in the box below in the field Load 'nodes.dat' from the URL and click BootStrap to start the first connection, for subsequent connections there will be no need to repeat this procedure (except for errors or formatting or uninstalling the program).

Just as with eMule servers it is better to have a high ID, even on the Kad network it is better not to be in the Firewalled state.
You can understand if you are in this state by seeing if the eMule icon has a black blindfold and if the Kad network connection status icon has a yellow arrow (firewalled) instead of green: only if the arrow refers to the Kad network is green (as in the image below) your connection is not firewalled.

Also in this case, if you are in the firewalled state, don't be alarmed, the procedure for not having the firewalled connection is the same as that for getting high ID with eMule, so just follow this guide to solve the problem.

These tips should be enough to use eMule's Kad network, however if you can't find what you are looking for with the Kad network, there is always the alternative of searching for files using torrent sites.

How to use eMule kad network without eMule server

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