Microsoft releases its first Linux distribution

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The Linux distribution is very light and can be used come container o come host: only one package core is needed to manage cloud and edge services, but it is possible to expand the basic packages, adapting the OS to the needs of the company.

Microsoft thanked the Photo OS Project di VMware, il Fedora Project, Linux From Scratch, OpenMamba distro, GNU e la Free Software Foundation (FSF). It's amazing to see such a project come to light, given the former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, he even defined Linux as a "cancer to be eradicated". But, fortunately, times change and since CEO Nadella joined the field, Microsoft has repeatedly stated that it was wrong about Linux and open source in general.

It therefore appears that Microsoft has buried the hatchet against Linux, considered an enemy for decades. Confirmation also comes from the release of Windows 365, which took place last week: it is a cloud-based operating system that allows you to have your own personal OS, then programs, apps, files and settings, through the Azure cloud solution of the same company. Windows 365 is accessible from various devices including Mac, iPad, Android and Linux.

Microsoft releases its first Linux distribution

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