Pokémon GO: how to catch ditto | All the species that can be a list ditto

Pokémon GO: how to catch ditto | All the species that can be a list ditto

Ditto is the Copy Ability Pokémon - it can copy other Pokémon's moves, but it doesn't copy their HP. This means they're not exactly the best suited for battle, and Ditto tends to be quite weak in general. Still, who doesn't want one of these guys on their list? If you're really lucky and capture everything you see you'll end up grabbing a ditto, but we'll make that simple for you. Here are all of the species you need to catch to (hopefully) get a ditto.

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How to catch a ditto in Pokémon GO

You'll never meet a wild idiot in - Ditto will always be disguised as another species of Pokemon. You won't know you've caught a Ditto until you throw your Pokeball. After a while you will see a “Wait…” pop-up message and Ditto will reveal himself.

Ditto disguises itself, but it is limited to ten species at a time. These species change periodically, but here is the most up-to-date list of Ditto species available today.

  • Ditto will disguise themselves as these Pokémon [[7/9/20]
    • Bidoof
    • Foongus
    • Gulpin
    • Hoothoot
    • Hoppip
    • Ledyba
    • give name
    • Stop
    • Remoraid
    • Spinarak
    • Whismur

Focus on catching these Pokémon specifically if you are hunting a Ditto. Be aware that Ditto is harder to catch than a lot of these Pokémon, so if you're having trouble with Pokémon throws on Pokémon that are generally easy to get, you may have found yourself a Ditto.

It connects to Discord channels, Facebook groups, or other online fan meetups for your region. If a player in your area catches a Ditto, they can alert everyone - Dittos in a local area will always disguise themselves as the same species of Pokemon.

And that's really it! The only way to catch a ditto is to catch the Pokémon listed above. These are the Pokémon Ditto is disguised as, and this Pokémon is already quite rare. Good luck, trainers!

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