SanDisk iXpand Base Review: The gadget that frees up space on your iPhone

Every day the same drama: we take pictures, download new music, install some applications and, in the end, the smartphone memory fills up. A problem that affects almost all the owners of these mobile devices but that concerns, in particular, those who opt for Apple products.

Think for example of my iPad. It is more than 3 years old, it still works great but, back in 2014, I decided to opt for 16GB, so as to save some money. You can easily imagine the result: every week I have to delete some apps, remove photos and upload files to the cloud to free up the memory, which is now always at the limit. Indeed, I had to. In fact, I have recently started using SanDisk iXpand Base.

What is SanDisk iXpand Base and how does it work

SanDisk's little gadget basically performs two tasks: it recharges the device and backs up its content.

Using it is really easy. First of all you will have to connect it to the power, then you will have to connect the Lightning cable of an iPhone or iPad. At this point you will have to take a further step: download the dedicated application. The iXpand Base app allows the device of the same name to interface with the smartphone or tablet you have connected and helps you choose what to save and what to ignore.

An example? Think again about my iPad Air 2. It usually does two things: it helps me at work and contains all those games I love to have fun with on the go. Unfortunately, I cannot transfer the latter to SanDisk iXpand Base, but I can instead backup all the screen captures or all the recordings I had to make to enrich videos or articles.

Download QR-Code ‎SanDisk iXpand™ Base Developer: SanDisk Price: Free

Of course, SanDisk's product doesn't just make a copy of what you have on your iPhone or iPad. In fact, there is a function designed for make free space on various mobile devices. Basically the application will delete all those files of which a copy already exists on iXpand Base. Don't worry, you can recover your photos at any time and even transfer them to a computer. Such as? Removing the SD card inserted inside the base and then connecting it to a PC or Mac.

A refined design

SanDisk iXpand Base isn't just simple to use though. We also think about distinguishing it the design, simple but elegant. The lower half is in fact made of satin metal, which not only makes the device quite elegant but also very stable. The rubberized ring that you find on the lower part guarantees an excellent grip, regardless of the surface on which you decide to place it.
The top half of iXpand Base is instead Rubber and characterized by a particular texture that allows the iPhone or iPad to adhere perfectly.

The choice to obtain is also intelligent a space dedicated to the Lightning cable. Not only will the connector be hidden from view, but if you want you can twist the cable, so your desk will always remain tidy.

Is it worth buying?

I'll tell you right away: the answer is yes.

Yes, because it allows you to keep a lot of files safe. Yes, because, in the end, it allows you to take home a handy SD card that you could always use to keep other files as well. Yes, because the simplicity of use is truly disarming. Once configured, you can even forget about its existence. All you have to do is charge the device, just like you normally would.

Finally, I would like to point out that SanDisk iXpand Base is available in 4 different cuts, they range from 32GB to 256GB. The price? From Euro 69,99.

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