Secretlab TITAN EVO 2022: Review • The ultimate seat?

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For the umpteenth time we bring you a content regarding one of the most talked about tech products in recent times: the new SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022.

Not long ago we reviewed the top of the range of the brand, the TITAN XL; while, will the newcomer be able to consider itself the best gaming chair around?

SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022 Review • The best gaming chair?

By now in the editorial office we are experts in gaming chairs, mainly from SecretLab and it is no secret that I always consider them the best on the market.

You will think, therefore, that there is not much to discuss as they will all be more or less the same and that there are no elements of major distinction between the various models; instead I think you will be amazed by the conclusion of this paper.

To find out if the SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022 it can be the perfect chair for your gaming station, read here review until the end!

SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022 Review • Unboxing and editing

As we've always been used to by the boys of SecretLab,unboxing and assembly are one of the best experiences in terms of ease and timing, a little less in terms of weight and bulk.

Once again, all the most exposed or delicate parts, such as the leathers that make up most of the models, are perfectly protected from the the packaging that comfortably cradles the components avoiding unpleasant surprises.

SecretLab adds the usual panel of instructions where the steps for assembly and the functions available are explained, including some news unexpected.

Another gem that we always find with SecretLab is the fact that the seat is already connected with i armrests, saving you time and effort in assembly.

Armrests which, as we will see later in the review, implement one of these famous innovations.

SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022 Review • Technical Specifications

With this TITAN EVO 2022 the line-up of SecretLab gaming chairs expands as the new range "replaces" the previous generation (although the previous models are still available and as we will see later, they will still be an excellent choice).

It is available for purchase in various versions: Small, Regular e XL, which respectively replace the now veterans OMEGA, TITAN and TITAN XL.

Side knobs and magnetic covers (new from the EVO series)

Le dimensions, in fact, they almost totally reflect those of the previous versions but in this specific case we will examine those of the version TITAN EVO 2022 Regular.

We are talking about a chair that features a backrest of width equal to 53 cm e 85 cm in height, with a seat of 47 cm per 49 cm depth.

We remind you that the model I am referring to is aimed at people who have a height of less than 180 cm and a weight of 130 kg.

Alternatively you should check out the Small or XL versions.

The previous image can help you in choosing the most suitable size for your height.

In any case, you will find a lot of information directly on the Secretlab website.

The specifications seem to be all there, and the papers in order as many, so it would seem undoubted that this could be among the best Secretlab chairs, but this will still be our judgment at the end of the review?

SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022 Review • Functionality

You have to know that this new TITAN EVO 2022 it contains all the features of the standard version that we have previously reviewed, implementing a few small ones feature Not indispensable.

I start from features which have remained unchanged, including the presence of the lever to adjust the height from the ground, the wheel to adjust the reclining tension and the mechanisms for adjusting the armrests in all directions.

In quantitative terms, theinclination to 180° andheight from the ground it varies between 45 cm and 52 cm, nothing so stunning.

Moving on to the news instead, this one chair, Presents two knobs on the sides that respectively regulate the curvature of the backrest e the height of this curvature.

On top of that, some components have been added magnetic, such as the coverage of armrests, convenient for washing but not for anything else; and the cervical pillow which now no longer has the elastic band.

SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022 Review • Materials and comfort

As for materials, there is never anything to complain about SecretLab: the leathers and plastics used are always of excellent workmanship and what's more, multiple versions of coatings both for the material and for the imagination.

Even if in this case it is magnetic latching, the cervical pillow remains the same, stuffed with memory foam and covered in soft fabric, which makes it very comfortable to use the chair even after several hours.

Here we note perhaps the only sore point of this product, namely that the magnet perhaps it is not the best solution to place the pillow, as it turns out to be not strong enough to keep it stable during use on any occasion.

For example, by placing a blanket over the entire surface of the chair, during the winter period, the magnetic pad falls off very easily.

In terms of comfort I have not noticed any differences compared to the previous models, also because, having reached a certain quality standard, the improvements are really imperceptible.

La lumbar arch adjustment, both in height and in intensity, it helps a lot in maintaining one correct posture during use, protecting your back and avoiding long-term physical damage.

As already mentioned, however, if you are looking for an ergonomic chair, then perhaps it is better to look elsewhere because this one TITAN EVO 2022, although it does its job well, it is not specific for certain needs.

Review SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022 • Confrontation with SecretLab TITAN

The two Secretlab models compared: respectively from the left the TITAN XL 2020 and then the TITAN EVO 2022 XL

If we were to compare this SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022 with the preceding SecretLab TITAN, there would not be many differences that can be noticed.

As already mentioned it essentially presents two news: some components equipped with magnetic coupling and height adjustment of the lumbar curvature.

There are no differences in comfort or design, except for the integration of the writing EVO 2022 that distinguishes the model and some magnetic plates that attest to theoriginality of the product.

As for the price, instead there is a substantial difference, of 50 euros, passing from 449 € area of SecretLab TITAN ai 499 € area of SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022 (the same for both the Regular and Small, the XL instead reaches 549 euros).

Is the price increase of 50 euros msrp justified? Maybe not.

If you like the new features implemented so much buy the version EVO, otherwise one TITAN Standard it could easily be ok.

SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022 Review • Conclusion and judgments

As always, we are faced with a chair that is not for everyone's pockets, just as it is there SecretLab TITAN original, however, as just said, perhaps it is not worth choosing the new one SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022.

Finally, it must be specified that we tested a chair from the first batch of products: this lot has chairs with noise problems.

After a few weeks of confrontation with the company we were able to receive a product not belonging to the first batch and then verify that the problems have been corrected for those who buy a new item.

For those who bought a chair belonging to the first lot and therefore noisy, Secretlab offers a free FIX which in our case partially solved the problem.

In the worst cases, they have suggested that they also consider sending replacement parts.

However, this remains a problem inherent only to the first batch of chairs and now correct in the company production chain, at least this is what we have been told.

Great availability and professionalism therefore with regard toSecretlab assistance.

Rather, I repeat for the umpteenth time, I recommend that you buy the old Secretlab TITAN or the SecretLab TITAN XL if the new features don't interest you.

Doing so would also save you some money.

Otherwise you could go for the Sharkoon Skiller SGS40 that we reviewed several weeks ago: one much cheaper chair, which follows along the lines of the secretlab, but which has no particularly interesting function.

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