Seen the continuous release of new ones server emule, and the thesappearance of others who retire, here's a list of server emule carefully selected updates, which allow you, by logging in with high ID, to be able to download and share everything you want, to the fullest of eMule's capabilities!

To add server eMule click on the IP of a server eMule and, automatically, the program will open and the server eMule to your list, without having to do everything manually.

Before going to upload the lists of secure eMule servers, let's download the latest version of eMule, which you can find here:

DOWNLOAD | Emulate 0.50a

Also present in beta

DOWNLOAD | eMule 0.60a 32-bit RC
DOWNLOAD | eMule 0.60a 64-bit RC

and now we proceed to clean up eMule from the basic eMule servers that are there, proceetheng as follows:

  1. We select the Server tab
  2. Click on Delete all servers

Once the emule servers have been deleted, now we have to make sure that eMule does not update them automatically, with lists that could contain Spy or Fake servers, which control everything we download.

We go to the top right and click on "options", Then a small window will open in which to select"Server & Hosting", And on the right we uncheck these three items:

  1. "Automatically download server list on startup"
  2. "Update the Server list when you connect to a Server"
  3. "Update Server List When Contacting a Client"

Now to make everything take effect, restart eMule.

If you want, this video that we have made in detail can help you, in which we explain step by step, how to delete the old eMule servers to update them with the new ones.

Now we can proceed to update the server eMule.

To add the eMule servers to the list, simply click on the IPs found in the list of emule servers below, if they are not added automatically, you must enter the IP, port and name in the fields under the item New server your eMule.

Server emule

List the updated list secure eMule server, click on the link to add the eMule server automatically on eMule:

β†’ β€“ eMule Security
β†’ β€“ GrupoTS Server
β†’ β€“ eMule Sunrise
β†’ - Astra-1
β†’ - Astra-2
β†’ - Astra-3
β†’ - Astra-4
β†’ - Astra-5
β†’ - Astra-6
β†’ - Astra-7
β†’ - Intel Pilat 2022
β†’ β€“ Akteon Server
β†’ β€“ Akteon Server No2
β†’ β€“ eDonkey Server No1
β†’ β€“ Poor-eServer-1
β†’ β€“ Poor-eServer-2
β†’ β€“ Gaal
β†’ β€“ eDonkey Server No2
β†’ β€“ Don Pedro Server

Below are 3 excellent routers on offer on Amazon, which we recommend for a top connection:

All the eMule servers from here down at the moment are not online, but you can still test them since some come back active day by day, however it is not recommended to use them as they may have been replaced with new fake eMule servers.

β†’ β€“ TV Underground
β†’ β€“ WEB
β†’ β€“ Alington eserver
β†’ - eDonkeyServer No2
β†’ - eDonkeyServer No3
β†’ β€“ !! Sharing-Devils No3 !!
β†’ - PEERATES.NET (alternative)
β†’ - eMule Security No1
β†’ - eMule Security No2
β†’ β€“ eMule Security No3
β†’ - eMule Security No4
β†’ -
β†’ β€“ !! Sharing-Devils No1 !!
β†’ -
β†’ β€“ Emule Server No1
β†’ – Master Server 7
β†’ – Master Server 1
β†’ – Master Server 2
β†’ - TV Underground No2
β†’ – eMule Security 2
β†’ – Master Server 3
β†’ – Master Server 4
β†’ – Master Server 5
β†’ – Master Server 6
β†’ – Master Server 8
β†’ – Master Server 9
β†’ – Master Server 10
β†’ – Master Server 11
β†’ – Sharing Kingdom 1
β†’ – Sharing Kingdom 2
β†’ – Sharing Kingdom 3
β†’ – Sharing Kingdom 4
β†’ – Sharing Kingdom 5
β†’ – Sharing Kingdom 6
β†’ – StormShare 1
β†’ – StormShare 2
β†’ – StormShare 3
β†’ – StormShare 4
β†’ – StormShare 5
β†’ – StormShare 6

Search for files on eMule servers

Now you will have to search for FILES on eMule via the KAD network, since the search you have always carried out no longer works, below we explain how to do it:
To search for files on emule servers sure, as already mentioned above, it is now necessary to use the search through KAD.
To use the search for files of secure eMule servers through the KAD network, you must first connect to the KAD network, for which just click on the second icon (the one with a mule under a celestial sphere) with written below KAD, and click right Connect.
Once connected to the KAD network it is necessary to set in the search window as research method the voice Kad the rete as you can see below, the search will take 3 or 4 seconds but will give the desired results, nothing more simple.

(The complete guide for configure and use the eMule KAD network in the best possible way you can find it on this page: How to use eMule KAD network without eMule server).


You can also add lists of server eMule via file with; to do this, you have to copy and paste the links mentioned below into eMule by clicking on the menu Server & Hosting and inserting the link on the right in the empty field, under the heatheng Update server.met from URL, as you can see in the figures below or as inthecated in this video, (eMule servers will be loaded automatically): 

"Crossed out links are those that only worked previously"


EMule and Met server for Fastweb

  • : 2002 – Quakenet 2
  • : 2002 – Quakenet
  • 2002 - Fastwebspeed

  • Copy to the field Update .met server from URL one of the .met lists above

If you have problems connecting immediately to these secure eMule servers, check that you have correctly configured the eMule ports, as if eMule detects that the connection is made with a "low ID" you will not be able to connect to some secure eMule servers, or you will have to wait many seconds, which does not happen with the high ID.
For those who do not know how to do it, I refer you to the guide to configure eMule to have a high id and to optimize eMule.
With the passage of time the secure eMule servers that are functioning are decreasing more and more, however it is possible continue to use eMule even without eMule server using the Kad network, to understand how to do it just follow this simple guide: How to use eMule kad network without eMule server.
If you have any doubts or problems do not hesitate to write us a comment below.


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