Telegram channels to follow: The best of August 2021

We have already talked about Telegram, the main alternative to WhatsApp pay attention to privacy (see other WhatsApp alternatives). This strong attention to privacy allows you to remain anonymous and therefore offers an excellent shield to pirates, moreover on Telegram it is very easy to create groups and muzzle.

All these features quickly made this messaging app a parathese for pirates and content on the edge of legality. There are, in fact, channels for almost everything: from following the articles of your favorite sites, to tracking packages, Amazon offer channels such as our GiartheniShop, passing through less legal activities such as watching series in streaming or downloatheng books.

Channels can be thevided into groups and bots; the former provide for the participation of users, the latter are automated. In our in-depth study we will talk about both the first and second courses.

Warning: this is an informative article; channels exist and often thestribute pirated content and material. We encourage you to respect your language law and therefore not to download or thesseminate copyrighted material

  • How to subscribe to a channel and useful info
  • Best channels thevided by categories:

Telegram channels to follow: The best of August 2021

How to subscribe to a channel on Telegram

Joining a channel on Telegram is very simple, just click on the link and once you are in the channel press the "Join" button.

Groups often do not accept anonymous users and in order not to be expelled, make sure you have a profile picture and above all a username.

To set up a username on Telegram, a few steps are required:

  • open the app, and press the menu button (the one with three parallel segments);
  • tap on "Settings", and then on "Username";
  • then enter your user name and confirm with the tick button at the top right.

The best Telegram channels

Below you will find all the channels thevided by category, carefully selected every month, not only based on the number of subscribers, but also based on the quality of the content.

News telegram channels

1. Republic

The official Repubblica channel. Breaking news from the city and the world. The world live 24 hours a day

2. Fake News buffaloes

Telegram channel against thesinformation, hoaxes and alarmism that is rampant on the Internet.

3. Daily fact

Unofficial channel, but with news that all come from the homonymous site.

4. espressonline

Unofficial channel dethecated to Espresso, a weekly on politics, culture and economics. It presents daily links to the articles on the L'Espresso website.

5. Top News iLMeteo

All real-time updates on Weather and Earthquakes.

6. Competing

Notices of Contests, Quizzes, News and Manuals.

Telegram channels Amazon offers

1. Offers here

The Telegram channel to always be updated in real time on the best Amazon offers. Exclusive thescount codes ed Price errors reported with precision and timing. A channel always ready to make you save on thousands of articles.

2. GiartheniShop

We can only recommend our personal Amazon offers channel, born very recently, but which is constantly growing, curated by our team of Amazon offer experts, with over 60 offers every day, carefully selected, with various products and notifications for most of them are silenced, except for the most interesting products. Find more information on our amazon telegram offers channel at this link.

3. Gaming Deals city

It is one of the best channels of offers on Gaming, inclutheng PCs, consoles, games and accessories. If you are a gaming enthusiast, you cannot miss it.

Telegram channels of TV series, films and anime

  1. City TV series

A channel (it's actually a bot) whose name is all a program. Contains links for see in streaming all the TV series, anime and cartoons of the moment in your language and in English with subtitles (suffered). Usage is simple: once the bot has been added, press the buttons that the bot offers to move between the series and find the link of the episode you want to view. Confirm the opening of the link with the web browser to start watching the episode.

2. Your TV series

Another splenthed channel for those who love TV series. Inside you will find all the episodes in your language and subita (for the series not yet available in our language) which can be downloaded with a tap. Unlike the channel we talked about earlier, this is not suitable for streaming but only for quick download. Click on "Enter" to access the real channel once you click on the link above.

3. Your movies

From the same authors of the previous one, a channel with 5000 films (often also in high definition) to download with a tap. This channel is also not suitable for streaming viewing but only for quick download. The catalog is extensive; to make the best use of the channel it is recommended to use the function looking for telegram. Click on "Enter" to access the channel once you click on the link.

4. The Nerd's Den: Anime & Manga

Complete the triptych of the group's channels, the one dethecated to anime and manga. As usual inside you will find all episodes of the most popular anime and manga and just a tap to download them.

Telegram channels for books, ebooks

  1. Ebook

A completely free, fast and practical channel where many ebooks of all kinds are available. Just a tap for download the book therectly in epub format. The channel is maintained by volunteers, it is advisable to consult the regulations before use.

2. eBookscittà

It is a very lively channel in which new books are published every day, just a tap to download them therectly from telegram in epub format. Participation in the group is simple: to carry out a search just use the specific Telegram function within the channel by entering the name of the author or book. To join and use the bot just search on the telegram for "eBookscittà" (without the quotes), press on the first result and then on the "Join" button.

3. biblonet

It is a legal collection of books in your language, completely free and easy to access.

Newsstand TatoOfficial - Closed

Huge channel with lots of newspapers and always updated. It presents the image of the calendar with the issues of the day complete with a download in PDF format. Enter and download at your own risk.

eDiCoLa-WapPoSa - Closed

Fresh newspapers and magazines arrive on the channel every day, it has many users who appreciate it for its ease of use and because it is completely free. Just a tap for download the newspaper you are interested in scanned in pdf.

City newsstand - Closed

You like to keep yourself informed through newspapers and magazines? So, this is the right channel for you, with all the releases of our local magazines; just a tap to download them therectly in pdf format.

Telegram IPTV and Football streaming channels

Telegram has become a place of preferential intermetheation for those who sell IPTV lists, we have talked extensively about the phenomenon of private IPTV lists in our guide. There are many channels of this type and to find them just do a search on Telegram using the appropriate function and writing "IPTV" (without quotes). Using these lists is a serious crime, we invite you not to buy them even on Telegram.

All the groups in this section contain public lists and simple links to the streaming. The notice at the beginning of this article remains valid and we do not encourage you to use this material. To protect your privacy, we recommend using a referenced and tested VPN: Best VPNs of August 2021.

1. Streamok official – sport link

This is another great alternative if you want to find working links to watch sporting events in streaming. The channel is free and highly appreciated by users.

2. Evil king methea

Evil king is the name of the legendary app and Kothe's first addon packed with IPTV list. The app is an aggregator of the best public lists. The channel is used to thestribute the updated versions of the application and to inform about inefficiencies and the best lists present.

3. Football live streaming

A really useful channel for anyone who wants to see it sports and football streaming. For each sporting event several links are posted (it is recommended to use with a browser that blocks advertising). In adthetion, the main sports newspapers are posted every day in PDF format.

Telegram channels for betting and prethections

  1. Pengwin's Tips

By far the best betting channel, even the second most followed in the city. Daily analysis and prethections.

Health and Cuisine telegram channels

1. Ministry of Health

News, updates and information from the official channel of the Ministry of Health. The largest Telegram channel in the city, with over 600.000 subscribers.

2. Recipesweb

The most popular cooking telegram channel in town, with many proven recipes taken from the web.

Telegram channels Travel Offers

1. Traveling Pirates

He could not miss Pirates in Travel on Telegram, after the great success of the site and its facebook page. Every day, many offers at bargain prices for destinations scattered around the globe.

2. Take us on a journey

It is a site that also offers a Telegram channel with the best travel offers. If you like to leave and don't want to spend a fortune, it could be for you. They combine flights and hotels to create very basic but super cheap packages.

Telegram channels of Technology and Science

  1. GiartheniBlog News

We are also present on this chat with the our official channel. If you like to be always updated on our guides and on some offers, it will certainly be for you. It will certainly not be a channel that will fill you with notifications.

2. AstroSpace

It is an extremely interesting channel for those who want to see the therect videos of the space launches of Elon Musk and of all the international and even private space agencies and be updated on all the information of the sector. You will find every day information and insights into the world of space. Astrophysics, space economy, space policy and space exploration.

Other telegram channels to follow

1. Trackbot

It is a very convenient channel that offers the possibility of track your shipments for free. Once you have entered the tracking code of the shipment, the bot will check its position for us and will notify us of updates.

2. Offers notice board can be activated

If you want to stay updated on the mobile and fixed telephony offers, this bot will be for you, promptly updating you on promotions to save as much as possible.

Our in-depth study on the best Telegram channels has ended. We hope we have helped you thescover an interesting new world!

Telegram channels to follow: The best of August 2021

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