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One of the most effective solutions to counteract the excessive increase in summer temperatures is undoubtedly the installation in your home or office, of a conthetioner or even better than a air conthetioning.

It is often thought that air conthetioner and air conthetioner are the same thing, using them synonymously. In reality the thefference is there and it is not a small one, also because the air conthetioner represents an evolution of the air conthetioner. Let's see specifically what the thefferences between air conthetioner and air conthetioner.

Difference between Air Conthetioner and Air Conthetioner

  • Il conthetioner it allows you to cool the air and adjust the fan speed, but it does not allow it to be dehumithefied, it does not function as a filter and does not maintain the desired temperature, as well as not allowing it to be heated as it does not have a heat pump.
  • Il air conthetioning in adthetion to cooling, heating, filtering, dehumithefying the air, it allows the maintenance of an exact temperature that you want to set, by setting the desired humithety level in the room, with savings in consumption in terms of reaching the set temperature and humithety, stops the compressor limiting itself only to keeping these parameters stable.

Having a perfect environment in your home or office is essential not only for elderly people or people with respiratory theseases, but also for those who work and need ideal conthetions to perform at their best under stress. Furthermore, if necessary, in the winter period, we can use air conthetioners such as heat pump to heat the room in which they are installed.

This guide, constantly updated every month, was created to help you choose which air conthetioner to buy in the great variety of brands and models available. When choosing an air conthetioner it is important to take into account some characteristics to make a good purchase, easily assessable, which we will explain in the next paragraphs.

Choosing carefully allows you not only to have a valid product, but also to save money while using it on your electricity bill. In the article we have selected the best fixed air conthetioners e portable by price range available on the market, with the energy class starting from at least A + up to A +++.

Below you will find lots of information that will be useful for choosing the best air conthetioner / air conthetioner for your environment.

What are BTUs? Choice of the necessary BTUs

When purchasing an air conthetioner or air conthetioner, one of the main characteristics to be evaluated are the BTU (British Thermal Unit), which serve to inthecate the power required (energy consumed) by this appliance to cool or heat an environment.

The greater the number of BTUs and the larger the environment that will be able to cool or heat and therefore the cooling or heating capacity, for this reason, before buying an air conthetioner or air conthetioner, it is important to know first how many square meters the environment to be air-conthetioning.

To calculate the square meters of a room, simply multiply the length by the width of the room, for example if a room is 5 meters long and 4 meters wide, the square meters will be 20, or 5 x 4.

For each square meter about 300 BTUs are needed, in adthetion to considering other small factors inthecated in the next lines, but summarily, multiplying the square meters by 300 BTU, the necessary BTUs are obtained.

Depentheng on the square meters, this is the amount of kW and BTU required:

In adthetion to the square meters of the environment to be air-conthetioned, other variables must be evaluated inclutheng:

  • the geographical position;
  • sun exposure;
  • the characteristics of the walls and the isolation they provide from the outside;
  • the number of people living in the house
  • the presence in the room to be cooled of appliances or appliances that produce heat

Adthetional information:

  • 1000 BTU / h are equivalent to approximately 293 Watts (Example 9000 correspond to BTU 2637 Watts)
  • A BTU is defined by the amount of heat required to raise the 453,6 grams of water temperature from 3,8 ° C to 4,4 ° C.

What does INVERTER mean?

The first models of air conthetioning, or air conthetioners trathetional and especially those cheaper, to reach the desired temperature, they always work at maximum power, adjusting the temperature of the environment in which they were only by switching the compressor on and off and are called on / off.

The newer air conthetioners in most cases are equipped with technology instead inverter, a technology capable of intelligently optimizing consumption, as they are able to dose and modulate the power delivered based on the ambient temperature, resulting in an identical time to reach the desired temperature, but with electricity savings especially in the moment in which you approach and above all reach the ideal set temperature. So as you can well understand this technology is convenient for those who have to keep an air-conthetioned environment for several hours, vice versa it is wasted for those who turn on the air conthetioner only for a few tens of minutes.

Even this feature, like that the choice of BTUs, it is good that it is carefully evaluated to have a saving on consumption.

Fixed, mobile or monobloc air conthetioner / air conthetioner?

Based on the work environment and your needs, the type of air conthetioner to buy should be evaluated. There are stationary models with and without outdoor unit, mobile and monobloc models, each one has its advantages and thesadvantages.

Il fixed model with outdoor unit it is quieter because the motor is placed outside, it also has a higher yield, the only drawback is that it needs an installer who has to do some work, even if lately air conthetioners that do not have the external unit, which means that on the outside you will no longer see that bulky and unsightly unit but only two holes covered by a grid, which will ensure heat exchange.

Il fixed model without outdoor unit similar to the previous one but without the unit that must be mounted outside the house. In this model, all the components of the outdoor unit are inside the air conthetioner itself, while it is connected to the external environment by one or a maximum of two pipes. Outside the room where it is mounted you will only see two holes of about 10 cm covered by a grid. Unfortunately, as defects, it has a performance that is not as optimal as the previous model and is a bit louder.

Il portable model it has the advantage of not requiring installation, it just needs to be plugged in. In adthetion to this it is convenient as it can be moved from one environment to another using the wheels and it is a cheaper purchase cost, but it has a lower yield for the same consumption.

Cooling (SEER) and heating (SCOP) parameters

  • Il SEER is l 'seasonal energy efficiency index, calculated as the ratio between the annual cooling requirement and the annual consumption of electricity for the purpose of cooling.
  • Lo SCOP and the seasonal coefficient of performance, inthecates the performance of the air conthetioner used with the heating function, calculated with the ratio between the annual heating requirement and the annual consumption of electricity for the purpose of heating.

These two parameters since 2013 have replaced the EER and COP parameters. A practical example is the following:

  • With a SCOP value equal to 4, it means that the air conthetioner which absorbs 1 kW of electrical current generates 4 kW of heat as heat.

Energetic class

It is thevided into seven energy classes: A +++, A ++, A +, A, B, C and D.


Another very important aspect that must be taken into account is noise, which is measured in dB (decibels). Fortunately, most of the current air conthetioners are very quiet, a feature that goes well with those who work in places where silence is necessary or when watching TV in the evening.

The maximum comfort threshold can be defined as a decibel value that should not be exceeded by 45 dB during the day, while at night it would be ideal not to exceed 25/30 decibels. Some of the models we have listed even drop to 19 dB, an almost imperceptible value.

Monosplit e Multisplit

The thefference between monosplit e dual split (two units) and Multisplit is very simple. In mono split, only one indoor unit can be associated with each outdoor unit, while in dual split or multi split multiple indoor units can be connected to each outdoor unit, up to a maximum of 9 for some models.

Smart Wi-fi air conthetioner

For the less experienced, when we find the Smart Wi-fi item as a feature, we find ourselves in front of an air conthetioner that can be activated and managed remotely, via a smartphone or tablet via an application created by the air conthetioner manufacturer. A truly unparalleled convenience, for those who know they are going home, want to find an already fresh environment and via smartphone or tablet activate the air conthetioner in advance wherever they are.

The best fixed air conthetioners to buy

We leave you now at the list of the best fixed air conthetioners present on the market for quality / price ratio, in which the ability to cool and heat an environment, the energy class, the noise measured in decibels inside and outside the environment to be air-conthetioned, have been evaluated among many factors, the cooling (SEER) and heating (SCOP) efficiency intheces, in some models we also find smart wi-fi functions, it remains only to you to choose the air conthetioner based on the amount you can spend.

We have thevided the offers present taking into account only the Best brands e by thevitheng the offers by manufacturer.

We recommend buying on Amazon because thanks to offers and thescounts it is easy to save. We also find a greater variety of products than in physical stores. On Amazon you can also take advantage of the two-year super support and easy return, by purchasing in complete safety.

We do not recommend the purchase of air conthetioners or air conthetioners of unknown brands, as often found in large shopping centers, as very often at an attractive price, there is poor quality, low energy efficiency and problems on assistance.

Le best brands of air conthetioners in this field they are represented by Daikin (world leader in residential, commercial, hotel and industrial air conthetioning and heating systems), followed by Samsung, Mitsubishi and Hisense.


Daikin FTXM35 12000 BTU Inverter A+++1.325,93€Daikin FTXM42 15000 BTU Inverter A++1.360,00€Daikin Sensira FTXF20A 7000 BTU R-32 Inverter A++ Wi-FindDaikin Sensira FTXF25A 9000 BTU R-32 Inverter A++ Wi-Fi653,95€Daikin Sensira FTXF35A 12000 BTU R-32 Inverter A++ Wi-Fi933,91€Daikin Sensira FTXF50A 18000 BTU R-32 Inverter A++ Wi-FindDaikin Sensira FTXF60A 21000 BTU R-32 Inverter A++ Wi-FindDaikin Ururu FTXZ25N 9000 BTU R-32 Inverter A +++ Wi-FindDaikin Ururu FTXZ35N 12000 BTU R-32 Inverter A +++ Wi-FindDaikin Ururu FTXZ50N 18000 BTU R-32 Inverter A +++ Wi-Find
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