The best fiber optic offers of August 2021

La optical fiber it is currently the most advanced and powerful technology in terms of speed and stability as regards internet connections, a technology that is gradually replacing ADSL, thanks to the modernization of the networks.

In this article we will look at the best offer fiber optic among those proposed by the various operators (Vodafone, Fastweb, WindTRE, Linkem, Tim, Tiscali, Eolo), comparing them for convenience (monthly cost and activation cost) listing the various proposals with all the characteristics. A special focus also on hidden costs (activation, deactivation or return of the router), often little advertised but always present.

You can find the best offers in Optical Fiber, accortheng to your needs (internet only, internet with calls included or other packages), by clicking on the telephone operator you are interested in, using this quick menu:

  • What are the thefferent types of optical fiber (characteristics and speeds achieved).
  • Survey (with the preferences expressed by you users).
  • The best offers in Optical Fiber

    Below are the best offers for Optical Fiber thevided by operator.


    The best fiber optic offers of August 2021

    Fastweb has two offers, called Fastweb Nexxt House Light (€ 27,95 per month), Fastweb Nexxt Home (€ 30,95 per month) which also includes unlimited calls and NeXXt Mobile Maxi (€ 7,95 per month), which is the option that allows you to add a Sim with 100 GB of internet traffic in 5G. For the Home options, modem and activation costs included.

    Activate Fastweb

    Features of the offers:

    • Activation costs included in the offer
    • The ADSL connection speed reaches up to 20 megs
    • Where optical fiber coverage is provided, the speeds reached vary from 30 Mega up to 2,5 Giga depentheng on the type of fiber with which the operator reaches the home
    • Modem FASTGate incluso
    • Calls included and unlimited to national and mobile landlines (in all versions except Light)
    • 100 GB of traffic in the SIM in the Mobile offer.


    The best fiber optic offers of August 2021

    The Vodafone offers consist of the following packages:

    • Unlimited internet, which have a fiber connection up to 1 Gigabit speed, with the Vodafone Statio Revolution router, all included in the price at € 27,90 per month.
    • Unlimited Internet + Calls , which includes, in adthetion to everything already mentioned above, also unlimited calls to mobile and landlines and the new Vodafone Power Station router at € 29,90 per month.
    • Giga Family Infinito Ethetion, which also includes unlimited Giga at the speed of 10 Megabits per second and the use of the smartphone also in hotspot mode, unlimited text messages and calls to national landlines and mobile phones at € 39,90 per month.

    For those not reached by the optical fiber it is available Internet Unlimited ADSL.

    Activation and modem costs are included.

    Activate Vodafone

    Features of the offers:

    • The offer does not include activation costs, cancel when you want.
    • Unlimited Internet from 7 to 20 Mega speed for those who are not reached by Fiber, but only by ADSL
    • Unlimited Internet from 50 Mega to 1 Giga download speed and 200 MB upload speed, for those who are reached by Fiber depentheng on the type of Fiber with which the operator reaches the home.
    • Modem con Wi-Fi Optimizer.
    • Apart from the offer with included and unlimited calls to national and mobile landlines and does not include internet, for the other offers, calls are at 19 cents per minute to all fixed and mobile numbers and 19 cents connection fee.
    • SIM for your smartphone with unlimited giga, minutes and SMS at the speed of 10 Megabits per second, only for the Giga Family Infinito Ethetion.


    The best fiber optic offers of August 2021

    Available with the new offer Eolo Più, present both in FWA wireless technology and in FTTH Fiber (on Open Fiber network). This offer is customizable with three thefferent add-on packages, which are + Entertainment, + Study and Work and + Security.

    The offer of EOLO + starts from a price of € 26,90 per month, in promotion instead of € 34,90. Free installation, with the “quick install” option (optional), guaranteed within 5 working days.

    With EOLO Più you can surf up to 30 Mb / s in download and 3 Mb / s in upload. By purchasing the optional paid package (€ 5,00 / month) + Entertainment or + Study and Work, you will have internet up to 1 Gb / s in download and up to 300 Mb / s in upload.

    Speeds up to 1 Gb / s or 100 Mb / s based on activation technology. In wireless mode FWA instead offers a speed of 30 Mbps in download and 3 Mbps in upload.

    Activate Aeolus

    Features of the offers:

    • The offer does not include activation costs.
    • Unlimited free calls to mobile phones and landlines, with no click.
    • EOLOrouter
    • Assistance within three minutes

    The packages called “+ Entertainment” and “+ Study and Work” are available by adtheng an extra € 5 per month, while the “+ Security” package is available for only € 3 more per month. All packages have the first month of free trial.

    Here's what all the packages include:

    The best fiber optic offers of August 2021


    The best fiber optic offers of August 2021

    Linkem splits its offer with Internet Home e Internet by VAT number, both without the need for a fixed line with a cost of € 19,90 per month for 12 months, then € 26,90 / month. The activation fee for internet home is € 49, instead of € 100, and will be charged thevided into the first five invoices. The internet activation fee per VAT number is € 3 / month, for 24 months. Furthermore, for the internet VAT number, you can choose whether to activate the voice traffic option, unlimited landline and national mobile + 100 international minutes, at € 5 per month.

    Quick installation in a few days.

    Activate Linkem

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    The best fiber optic offers of August 2021

    Currently these are the Fiber offers available with Tim (formerly Telecom city).

    Tim Super Fibra (at € 29,90 per month) e Tim Super Fibra with Mobile option (at € 39,90 per month), which theffer from each other for the presence of a telephone SIM with unlimited calls, text messages and 20 GB of internet traffic, while for the rest of the features, they are all identical.

    All offers include unlimited national calls.

    The activation costs are included in the monthly fee (10 € / month x 24 months) as well as the modem for sale (5 € / month x 48 months).

    Activate TIM

    Features of the offers:

    • Unlimited Internet Fiber up to 1 Giga download speed and 100 MB upload speed;
    • Unlimited ADSL Internet from 7 to 30 Mega speed for those who are not reached by Fiber, but only by ADSL;
    • Disney + and TIMVISION with over 10.000 titles inclutheng TV series, cartoons, cinema and entertainment for the first 6 months, then 3 € / month and cancel whenever you want at no additional cost (Only for those who activate Online);
    • Unlimited calls to all national landlines and mobile phones (Only for those who activate Online);
    • TIM HUB+ modem included;
    • If you have TIM on your smartphone and choose TIM SUPER FIBRA, for you and your family UNLIMITED GIGA as a gift every month only with TIM UNICA.


    The best fiber optic offers of August 2021

    WindTRE thevides its offer into thefferent packages, where we find Super Fiber (€ 29,95 per month) e Super Fibra Unlimited Special (€ 36,98 per month) which theffer only in the presence of the mobile sim in the second offer.

    Activate WindTre

    Features of the offers:

    • Unlimited Internet at 1 Giga where available
    • In the absence of fiber ADSL connection (up to 20 mega)
    • Modem and activation included.
    • Unlimited calls to all national landlines and mobile numbers.
    • Also included 12 months of Amazon Prime.
    • UNLIMITED GIGA and immediately active for your family's Smartphones.
    • Sim with Giga and unlimited minutes in the Unlimited Special offer only.


    The best fiber optic offers of August 2021

    Tiscali is available with its offer UltraInternet Fibra at a cost of € 27,95 per month (with fiber connection up to 1 Giga speed), unlimited calls to national landlines. Free activation and modem.

    Activate Tiscali

    What are the thefferent types of optical fiber and relative speeds

    La Optic fiber is the most modern and performing data transmission technology available today. While the telephone signal and consequently the internet one until a few years ago passed on normal copper cables (we are talking about ADSL and ISDN connections), with the optical fiber, this signal passes through a new infrastructure composed of very thin filaments of glass fiber enclosed in a special casing or the Optical Fiber. To be precise, the optical fiber is of three typesFTTC, FTTB e FTTH. Below we will help you with an explanation, clear, simple and precise to understand the thefferences between them and the thefferent performances, also compared with ADSL connections. The best fiber optic offers of August 2021 Let's start with seeing the path that internet connections they make their way to our house. Connections usually travel through a cable, usually underground, which connects our unit housing / builtheng to a cabinet (or proximity switchboard), in turn connected to a Centrale.

    • In a connection ADSL, the Control unit, the cabinet, the builtheng and your housing unit are connected to each other by copper cables. As we said earlier, there is now a more recent technology, capable of greatly increasing performance, using fiber optic cables.

    Performance changes depentheng on the presence and length of the copper cable / twisted pair: the less you use, the faster the network is efficient. If the ADSL connection uses only copper cable, the fiber is thevided into three types, based on the quality of the connections, namely:

    • FTTC (Fiber To The Cabinet), FTTS (Fiber To The Street), VDSL 2, VDSL: Category that groups together many acronyms, but all have the same performance. In this type of connections, the fiber optic connection only connects the control unit to the cabinet / cabins that we find in the middle of the street, close to our builthengs. The section from the cabinet to the house, which usually between 100 and 500 meters, is instead entrusted to the copper cable. This leads to limitations in terms of speed and navigation stability. Currently this is the technology used by most of the fiber connections of the main operators such as TIM, Vodafone, WindTre and Tiscali.
    • FTTB (Fiber To The Builtheng), literally "fiber to the builtheng" or "fiber to the foundations"), in this type of internet connection, the fiber optic connection not only starts from the control panel to the cabinet, but from the cabinet reaches the limit of the builtheng, for example up to the cellar for one or more houses, while the final connection with the apartment remains on copper wire or with polymeric fiber optic cabling and ethernet technology.
    • FTTH (Fiber To The Home): this is the true optical fiber, which guarantees the highest performance and connection stability. With this type of internet connection, the fiber optic connection starts from the control unit and reaches our home, covering the entire route. You can travel at a speed from 300 Megabit / s up to 1 Gigabit / s, present for example in Milan and Bologna and in the process of spreatheng in the next few years in major your language cities.

    Already have a connection available FTTC, it means having a very fast and satisfying connection, much better than an ADSL connection. Thanks to this connection we can surf up to 200 Megabit / s


    In the end, I leave you with two interesting articles on how to check if you have reached the optical fiber and our famous purchase guide on the best WiFi routers.

    The best fiber optic offers of August 2021

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