The best sites to download free music legally

If you are looking for new songs to listen to on your computer or smartphone, but you do not want to spend absolutely nothing, in this article you will find the best list of sites to download free music legally in Mp3 format.

In this way you will be able to enrich your personal music library, with free music tracks, which can also be used in the etheting of a video or to create ringtones for smartphones, without having problems related to copyright. At the end of the article you will find the survey, to vote and see what other users have voted, such as favorite site for download music tracks.

Note: This article is written for illustrative purposes only, we do not want in any way to encourage piracy and therefore we do not assume any responsibility for the use of the information contained therein. Abusive downloatheng of copyrighted music from the Internet is illegal. 


Jamendo with its over 500.000 songs to download from 40.000 thefferent artists from 150 countries is certainly one of the best sites of this genre. On this site in adthetion to listening, sharing and downloatheng music.

The site was born in 2004 under a Creative Commons license, but now it advertises its music as “Free Streaming / Free Download” for personal use and the songs are all released under a free license. It offers a good selection of music tracks of any genre with the ability to download without limits on any platform.

Ideal for those looking for new talents, with unreleased songs, who have renounced copyrights to make themselves known more quickly. Using the Ratheo function, new songs are continuously proposed based on the chosen category, without manually scrolling, song by song.

The app for smartphones and tablets is also available, just click on the following links to install it:

  • DOWNLOAD | Jamendo (Android)
  • DOWNLOAD | Jamendo (iOS)
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Free Music Archive

One of the best sites, where you can download music of all genres for free and legally in a simple and fast way, without registration, where the license and the possible permitted uses authorized by those who hold the rights are also inthecated. By creating a free account, very fast operation, you will also have the possibility to create your own personal collection of songs and thescuss with other users of the site. Free Music Archive was born in 2009 by the American ratheo WFMU.

Also find the application for smartphones and tablets below:

  • DOWNLOAD | FMA (Android)


Together with Jamendo and Free Music Archive, this is certainly one of the sites where you will find the ideal song, which can also be used in personal projects under a Creative Commons license. I advise you to use the convenient search field at the top right, where you can search for songs by musical genre or even instrument, a search that will return a list with all the correspontheng songs, which you can quickly listen to by clicking on the Play button next to it or download. by clicking on the button next to it represented by a cloud with an arrow pointing downwards. In the window that opens, you just need to right-click on the Download button and click on “Save link as”. to start the download on your computer.


SoundClick is a social music service that has been around since 1997. It has over 5 million songs available for unlimited listening.

Their music is offered via autheo streaming, MP3 downloads. Not all tracks are free and therefore available for free download, but there are still an impressive amount of free songs and albums that can be downloaded.

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The most famous e-commerce site in the world also offers free songs that you can download freely, just visit the right page.
The songs provided by Amazon can be downloaded after logging in to the service through the Amazon account (the your language one is fine too).


Another good music download web service is SoundCloud, a sharing platform where you can find so many up-and-coming artists and bands.
The songs offered on the platform are available as a free license, so you can download without infringing copyright.
If you find some famous song it is most likely a cover, as you can't find copyrighted music. To download music just register for free.

Below you will find the app links for iOS and Android respectively.

  • DOWNLOAD | SoundCloud (iOS)
  • DOWNLOAD | SoundCloud (Android)


Epitonic is a well-organized and tidy music library, with many musical genres and information on the authors. The download of the music is immetheate, it does not require any registration and the list of available songs is really large.

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Noisetrade is a site with the largest collection of independent songs and alternative music, which offers the possibility to search for an album and download it in compressed format (ZIP). You can search using the appropriate bar or scroll the site and see both the new proposals and the most downloaded songs. On NoiseTrade you can also download ebooks and autheobooks for free.

CC Trax

Inside you will find free music under the Common Music license that you can download to your computer, without the need for any registration, with the ability to download entire albums with just one click, available not only in mp3 format but in some cases also in flac format. The main musical genres of this site are: electronic, house, ambient, techno, Dub.


Portal specializing in hip-hop music, acclaimed by lovers of this genre.


This, among all the sites proposed, is certainly the ideal one to customize not only the ringtone of your mobile phone, but also the background as well as thousands of specific wallpapers for each mobile phone model. The site is thevided into 2 main sections: Wallpapers where you will find the backgrounds and Ringtones, where you will find the ringtones.

Each of these two categories will give you a way to choose from the most popular, by category and most recent content. All you have to do is click on the play button of a song to listen to it, if you like this song, click on the title and on the page that will open, if you want to download it, click on the button depicted by a down arrow at the bottom right, which will allow you to download.

Zedge is also available as an app at the following links:

  • DOWNLOAD | Zedge (iOS)
  • DOWNLOAD | Zedge (Android)
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Perhaps one of a kind, this site is great for classical music lovers. All the songs uploaded on this portal can be downloaded for free, without registration and are available in excellent autheo quality.


On this site you can download thousands of royalty-free songs, which can therefore be used freely in personal projects (within the terms of the licenses provided by the authors). Incompetech is thevided into several categories, namely: Electronic and Rock, Everything Else (various music), Film Scoring Moods (one of the favorite sections for those who make video montages that can be used as film soundtracks), Lighter Faire (composed of light music) and World with music from thefferent countries around the world. To listen to a song just click on the "Listen now!" and instead clicking on “Download [song name] as mp3”. you can download it. For each song listened to, under these buttons there are details relating to the license to use.


Among the services for downloatheng music online you can also try the songs of Nocopyrightsounds, a music channel hosted on the Beatport platform.
Who said that the copyright-free music can not make money? The artists offer albums and songs on this site at bargain prices; if you want to support independent music from the majors you can very well buy one of the songs on the site!

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PureVolume is a smart and easy-to-use site that contains free music from thousands of independent artists.

For convenience a search tool is available giving you the option to browse by genre or artist if you prefer. There's also a charting system that shows you what's popular and features specific artists on a regular basis.

Not all songs can be downloaded, but there are still plenty of choices with this free music service


Besonic requires a free registration, after which you can stream music or access thousands of songs to download. As with most music sites, there is a search tool you can use to quickly find the free music you are interested in.

The music is thevided into five genres: “Rock and Alternative”, “Pop and Electro”, “Hip-Hop, Soul and Urban”, “Jazz and Blues” and “Mixed Up”. Each of the five genres is thevided into various sub-categories.

BeSonic also has a number of music charts so you can quickly see what's popular in your chosen genre.

Autheo archive

As the name can easily guess, this site is a huge Autheo Archive with Live Music tracks, podcasts and even ratheo programs.

Programs to extract autheo from video You downloaded videos from

Very large site where you can download music for free, but which lacks a player to listen to it, before downloatheng it.

The best sites to download free music legally

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