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    The CD is fast and convenient, but usually the drivers it includes are out of date. To make sure you are installing the most up-to-date driver, you need to download it from the manufacturer's website, and to do this you will need an Internet connection.

    However, the choice between the two paths should be fairly obvious: download and install updated drivers. Opt for the drivers on the manufacturer's CD only when you cannot connect the system to the Internet and, even in this case, if you have the possibility to use another PC from which to download the updated drivers, and then install them on the system without a connection, do it.

    Another advantage of the drivers contained on the manufacturer's CD is that they are easy to install. Almost all of them in fact provide a simplified installation system, which, thanks to a wizard, allows you to install all the drivers necessary for the system each time. However, opting for the more complicated way, that is, downloading and installing the drivers one by one, leads to intrinsic benefits, linked to the optimization of the same, as they are more up-to-date.

    Where are the drivers?

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