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    Why does my Nintendo Switch get hot?

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    Your Nintendo Switch tends to (over)heat? Here are some explanations about the operation of your console, and some tips to avoid any problems.

    Despite its transportable side, the Nintendo Switch remains above all a home console, and needs to be installed in an environment conducive to its proper functioning.

    Our advice to avoid overheating:

    1. Watch the room temperature

    According to Nintendo, the console is designed to operate in an environment with a temperature between 5 and 35掳C.

    2. Place the Switch in an open area

    It is strongly advised not to install the Nintendo Switch in an enclosed place, the console sometimes needing to evacuate the internal heat, through fans (which also causes a slight noise).

    3. Do not block the vents of the machine

    The console vents are not there by chance! Be careful not to clog or cover them when playing.

    Note thatit is completely normal for the console to be warm when it is charging or when it is on its dock, in TV mode. Generally speaking, in operation, the Nintendo Switch emits between 40 and 50 degrees of heat, with intermittently a hot blast (normal, again) that can emanate from the top of the screen.

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