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    Windows 10: this is how licensing works

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    Digital entitlement is what all those who have upgraded to Windows 10 starting from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 have used. It is also supported by those who buy a new license of Windows 10 / Windows 10 Pro from the Windows Store and those who are affiliated with the Windows Insider Program.

    Basically, through the digital entitlement, the copy is activated automatically during installation, and you do not need to type any activation code either at the time of setup or in case you have to format the disk and reinstall everything from scratch. In practice this is the case that concerns the vast majority of consumer users.

    The old activation code, the 25-character Product Key, remains only for those who bought the license from an authorized reseller or for companies that have signed a Windows 10 Volume Licensing agreement with Microsoft. Even those who buy a new PC with Windows 10 installed have the Product Key, but it is already set up in the system or is printed on the label glued to the PC itself.

    Microsoft also explains what happens in case of reinstallation (if you have done the update, just skip the request to enter the code) and reminds you that in the event of a relevant hardware update to your device / computer, such as replacing the motherboard, Windows 10 may no longer be activated and you will need to contact Microsoft support to activate the license. In case of replacement of the hard disk or of a "non-significant" component, the activation will be performed automatically at the first access to the Internet.

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    Windows 10: this is how licensing works

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