Windows 8, stop app updates this summer

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Windows 8 was in fact born on the basis of an idea that Microsoft had been pursuing for years, a single operating system for all platforms (also because Apple's competition with iPad became pressing), which could encompass the practicality and comfort of mobile, with desktop performance and efficiency.

Microsoft developed the new operating system with the best of intentions, so much so that the low-level structure proved extremely solid. Therefore why was Windows 8 so despised? In addition to the structure and functionality, Microsoft decided to merge the two interfaces (desktop and mobile) together, generating a checkered user interface (tile), which users did not like. Even the Start button and menu disappeared, taking away one of the features people had been used to for 20 years.

Just a year later, Microsoft tried to remedy one of its biggest missteps with a free update (Windows 8.1), limiting the damage. But as they say, it was a bit like closing the barn after the oxen ran away, and many had already returned to Windows 7, still widely used all over the world despite the distribution (free for the first year) of the real and worthy successor, Windows 10.

Windows 8, stop app updates this summer

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