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    Windows updates will never be the same again

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    In a recent blog post, Microsoft explains that Windows Feature Experience Packs will be used to ensure quick improvements and bug fixes for standalone functions developed independently of the main operating system.

    鈥淲e are testing a new process to provide our customers with new feature enhancements outside of the major Windows 10 feature updates. Through the Windows Feature Experience Packs, we can improve certain features and experiences that are now developed independently of the operating system. Currently, only a limited number of features have been developed in this way, so we are starting to work in a very focused way, 鈥漞xplains Microsoft.

    BleepingComputer colleagues contacted the company directly to find out what features are currently upgradeable independently of the operating system through these new software packages. The list currently includes:

    • Windows 10 Start Menu
    • Windows Snipping Tool
    • Internet Explorer
    • Xbox integration
    • Windows Subsystem for Linux
    • Notepad
    • Paint
    • Other features installed through the Optional Features panel

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    The new update mechanism will therefore allow Microsoft to be more versatile and timely in Windows 10 feature updates. Insiders who have installed Windows 10 20H2 build 19042.662 they can already experiment by checking for updates from Windows Update, where they should find the first Experience Pack number 120.2212.1070.0.

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    Windows updates will never be the same again

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