Xiaomi Roborock Mi Robot 2 Vacuum review: the super independent robot vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi Roborock Mi Robot 2 Vacuum is the new vacuum cleaner of the Chinese company. In the new version, even a floor washer. Interesting cleaning power, but I'm not sure it's worth the upgrade from the previous model.

Packaging and design

Beautiful and modern, I think they are the two adjectives that best describe the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner. But then there is also white and shiny in some parts and that's not good because every little scratch will be particularly noticeable.

Its weight is approx 3,5KG and has an overall size of 353x350x96.5 millimeters. In short, it is not very small.

However, it is built very well and not even the "cap" that incorporates the sensors, responsible for scan the area in 360 degrees, clashes with the overall design. As soon as you open the package you will find a series of accessories that accompany the robot vacuum cleaner:

  • Infrared charging base;
  • Plastic top to be applied to the charging station, which facilitates (in theory) the robot's return home;
  • Power cord;
  • Support for the floor cleaner;
  • Cloth for washing floors;
  • Replacement HEPA filter (washable);
  • Basic manuals.

The first use

I hate using instructions, I only do it when I feel my life is in danger. So, I venture totally alone to discover the robot. Observing him I immediately discover the presence of three buttons on the top: power on / off, return to charge, cleaning of a specific area.

Turning Xiaomi Mi Robot 2 on the back I immediately realize that there are the wheels, the sensors for charging and the main brush and also the one to collect the dirt in the corners. There is not everything, one fundamental detail is missing: the fuel filler flap.

I do not lose heart: if there is not below, inevitably it is above. In fact, there is a small one above front office which is not immediately noticeable because it is well masked with the general aesthetics of the product.

As soon as I open it, I immediately see a small brush which - in theory - should facilitate the removal of dust from the rotating brush. My hair at least 50 centimeters long was already chuckling.

Never mind, it's beautiful to look at. Next is the dust tank, practical to pull up. I inserted the filter without problems and closed it again. The charging base was already mounted and connected to the power, I was ready to go.

I state, at this stage I have not even thought of venturing with the scrubber function. I wanted to test its cleaning skills immediately, I would have guests soon!

The first round he did it independently and without hitting much against the furniture. Accomplices of the success certainly i sensors on board the device:

  • LDS (Laser Distance Sensor), fondamentale per measure the environment at 360 degrees;
  • Omnidirectional pressure: placed above the LDS sensor, it prevents this from going into accidental impacts;
  • "Wall" sensor (proximity sensors) able to always keep Xiaomi Roborock Mi Robot 2 about 1 centimeter away from walls;
  • Sensors Fall: the robot will never fall even if it were to be turned on near stairs.

First impressions

After finishing cleaning, Xiaomi Roborock Mi Robot 2 returned to its base and there I had the first perplexity: the plastic holder of the refill in my opinion it does not facilitate the automatic return. Indeed, it slows it down. Definitely, I was satisfied from the first cleaning, essentially for three reasons:

  • Much more silent than the average of robot vacuum cleaners;
  • Absolutely autonomous, manages to climb and overcome obstacles a couple of centimeters high and - above all - is not intimidated by various carpets and cables;
  • Before you finish and go home, actually pass by every corner of the room.

In short, by simply pressing a button it was operational. And I hadn't even started thinking about using Wifi and the great application yet.

The connection to the smartphone and the Wifi

Xiaomi's new robot is equipped Wifi connectivity, essential to manage it from your smartphone. The connection to my device was simple, its application is the now famous We Home. Unfortunately, however, you will have to settle for the English language, at least officially.

From the application you can manage many parameters of your robot and from any corner of the world, thanks to the direct connection to the home router. The most important features of the application are undoubtedly four:

  • Schedule the departure of cleaning;
  • Check where in the house the robot is e select areas to make him clean;
  • Decide the suction power.

As for programming, there is nothing particularly new compared to what I have seen on other vacuum cleaners of this type. The other two features are particularly interesting.

Xiaomi Roborock My Robot 2thanks to its sensors, it has mapped my studio apartment practically in real time. Even before I finished washing the dishes, he had in mind all the areas of his new - unfortunately temporary - home. Since the first connection to the application I was able to check your movements in real time of the cleaning partner, thus verifying at what point of the path he was.

Not only that, Mi Home offers the possibility to draw the area that needs to be cleaned on the map. In this way, you can decide to create micro zones to be cleaned, thus delimiting the movements of the robot.

The second feature that I liked a lot is related to power. In fact, from the app I was able to choose how "strong" it should aspire my toy. There are four modes available, the most powerful one risks sucking away even the slippers so be careful!

The pseudo "night" mode is still powerful and do not dream (there is everything as a term, ed) to use it while you sleep. It's not particularly noisy, but it definitely doesn't make you sleepy.

Finally, I really liked the ability to control it via the app state of wear of components and the complete cleaning log (this however is not an absolute novelty).

My experience in the days

I used Xiaomi Roborock Mi Robot 2 for about a week, appreciating its features day after day. What I like most is that it can really be defined as autonomous help at home. I hardly had to help him get rid of cables and he didn't never stuck against any carpet.

The cleaning was always impeccable and the tank emptying operations were very simple. In my opinion, the floor cleaning function is not the plus that makes the robot special, but since it is present it helps to make the final result even more interesting.

I live in a 60sqm studio and have never been able to completely discharge the large battery from 5200 mAh. Energy autonomy is certainly not a problem. In addition, I really appreciated the possibility of being able to wash the cloth and the filter directly under running water, a significant plus.

The floor cleaner

A little attention deserves the feature floor washer. Apart from a few other details, it is the main difference with its predecessor. Many users are intrigued by the new Mi Robot for this very reason. Obviously, I got caught up in the hype and couldn't wait to see him at work.

The assembly of the cloth and the tank is very simple. I only used water and you better do it too. If you use detergents, you risk dirtying the floor instead of cleaning it.

At the first cleaning with the floor cleaner, the "wow" effect is gone. For heaven's sake, it helps the end result but don't expect it to spoil anything. Its real function is that of moisten the dust and hold it with the cloth or alternatively help its aspiration. Defining it as a floor cleaner is a bad word.

My geek side was very bad, but that ration was expecting it. A gem, but absolutely not a killer feature.

Would I buy it?

Check out the offered price of Xiaomi Roborock Mi Robot 2

Well, I'd prefer someone to give it to me of course, but yes, I'd buy it. In my opinion, Xiaomi Roborock Mi Robot 2 is one of the robots for cleaning the house best there are on the market. Above all, considering the balance between price and performance. Less than €500 for such a complete top of the range they are definitely an excellent compromise.

I haven't had a chance to test its predecessor, but I've seen it running a couple of times. His aspirational power did not seem to me particularly different from his successor. Consequently, the upgrade would only be worth it if you feel like owning the latest model at all costs and can't live without the floor washer. Do not forget the exclusive functionality that allows you to outline the areas to be cleaned, available exclusively on the new model of robot vacuum cleaner.

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