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    You can add non-Steam games to Steam (unbelievable?)

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    Did you know that you can simply add non-Steam games to Steam to "centralize" your gaming experience?

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    Steam allows adding external games

    If you swear by Steam (and you don't want to go through the excellent GOG Galaxy, for example) know that Valve's software also allows you to add non-Steam games to its interface.

    The interest, beyond finding them and launching them easily, is to be able to show your friends what you are playing and use the Steam overlay interface.

    1. Head to the “Games” tab at the top of the interface, then “Add a non-Steam game to my library…”
    2. A list of programs on your machine will be displayed and simply select the game of your choice and press "Add selections"

    Download :

    • Steam sur Windows
    • Steam on macOS

    Source : Gizmodo

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