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    You can bold, italicize or strikethrough words on WhatsApp

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    Did you know that you can put a little shape to your texts on WhatsApp; hardly anyone does it because… it's not a particularly highlighted function; we explain to you!

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    Put some shapes in WhatsApp

    GIFs and emoticons are fine, but nothing replaces text, all the same. In WhatsApp, if you want to format this good old means of communication (bold, italic, strikethrough), it's easy but unfortunately not obvious.

    At the beginning and at the end of the text concerned, all you have to do is add the right symbols:

    • use *your text* for bold,
    • _your text_ for italics
    • or ~your text~ to strike it out

    Note that you can also select the text, see more options (than copy/paste/etc.) thanks to the "…." and finally click on Italic, Bold, Strikethrough, etc.

    Download :

    • whatsapp on android
    • WhatsApp on iOS

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    Source : Pocket-lint

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