You can roll dice, wheel or coin from Google

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It is possible to do almost everything from the Google search engine. Including rolling dice, a coin or even a wheel.

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To play or leave it to chance, Google is there

Do you have a decision to make and want to leave it up to chance? Or do you have a role-playing session to do but you don't have enough dice? Google has also programmed its search engine for this (so you don't have to be the first).

  • Typing “roll a dice” directly in Google search displays several types of dice (D6, D4, D10…etc.) that you just have to select and throw, and the engine displays the result
  • Typing "toss a coin" allows you to quickly make a coin toss
  • Typing "spinner" brings up a hand spinner, but the "number" tab next to it brings up a wheel where you can choose the number of digits

Source : PCMag

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