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    You can share your location on WhatsApp

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    To the question “Where are you? rather than trying to describe where you are or give an address that your recipient will have to find, share your location directly on WhatsApp.

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    Share your location directly on WhatsApp

    To help one of your WhatsApp contacts quickly find out where you are, there is something simpler than an address or a description. In any case, if you chat via WhatsApp. Indeed, in a conversation with this service you can share your exact location in a few quick actions using a map.

    1. In the area at the bottom of a conversation where you usually enter text, tap the "+"
    2. There, select “Location”
    3. Finally, choose “Share live location” or “Send your current location” or a nearby place

    Download :

    • whatsapp on android
    • WhatsApp on iOS

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    Source : Pocket-lint

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