You can use Discord's overlay in-game

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Not always sure who owns a person's voice on Discord during a game session? Consider activating the overlay.

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Activate Discord overlay in a few clicks

Discord offers an overlay, that is to say an interface that is displayed over compatible games and applications. This makes it possible in particular to display the names and avatars of people present online and/or talking, or even notifications. To activate it, nothing could be simpler:

  1. Click on the toothed wheel at the bottom left of the interface to open the settings;
  2. On the left, go to the “Overlay” menu;
  3. There, activate the overlay, possibly choose another shortcut to unlock/unlock it and choose what you want to display (size of the avatar, display frequency of names or position of notifications on the screen);
  4. In-game, press your hotkey to show more overlay items and optionally move them around

Download :

  • Discord on Windows
  • Discord on macOS
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